Collider interview – Alex getting stem cell treatment for his hurt back

The following is just part of the interview (click above for full link), we have gotten so many already about what to expect in 7.07. I found the following more important. Alex finally saying season 8 will be the end (for him). He is getting stem cell treatment for his back in California. Poor guy must be hurting worse than we thought. I wish (some) fans would be more considerate, and let him decide when to quit H50. 

507 mcg pain


By Collider Christina Radish, November 4, 2016


Seven seasons into this show, you’re closer to the end than you are to the beginning, at this point. Have you made a definite decision that eight seasons is it for you?

O’LOUGHLIN: I’ve decided. Beyond anything else, I don’t want to do any more because I don’t want to kill it. It’s still got some magic left in it. It’s hard to keep it alive and fresh. It’s hard to keep it fun and new, each day. I’m worried that I won’t even be able to do that until the end of Season 8, but I’m going to keep swinging until I’m in the box. The other thing is that physically, I’ve had a lot of injuries. I’ve been hurt really badly on this show. I’ve now got some serious back issues, which I’m going back and forth to California to deal with. I don’t want to fuck my body up anymore. I’m getting stem cell treatments in my spine, so that I can pick my kids up. At a certain point, it’s television. Film and TV is not as important as my life. I don’t think I can physically do any more than eight years. We might not even do an eighth year. That’s a little presumptuous of us to even be speaking like this. But, if they want us to do an eighth year, that will be it for me.

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Have you thought about where you’d like to see Steve McGarrett end up and have you had any discussions with the writers about that?

O’LOUGHLIN: I don’t really speak to the writers because it’s frustrating for me when we see things differently. I just try to do my best with what they give me. They have their own ideas, and I have my own ideas. Frankly, I think that if my ideas were written down, we probably wouldn’t still be on the air. I don’t know how to make a successful TV show. So, I’m open to it. As long as it’s smart, thought-out, creative and interesting, I’m down with it.

A lot of actors who are thinking about trying their hand at directing seem to do so with an episode of their own TV series. Over the course of seven seasons, have you ever thought about taking on an episode of the show, as a director?

O’LOUGHLIN: I will be directing an episode in Season 8, if we make it that far. I’m here, every day, and I think all of us have a say in the way that it’s going to go, on that day. We all know how the show is shot and how to tell the story. It won’t be that foreign for me to sit in that chair. After this is all over, I hope directing is a part of my career. I don’t think I’m that good at the acting part. I think I’m fine at it, but I think I’m probably a little better at directing. But then again, maybe I’m horrible at it. If they don’t put my episode on the air, than we’ll know that that won’t be a part of my future.

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And finally, here´s the invite from the HawaaiiFive0 guys to tune in for the 150th episode


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20 responses to “Collider interview – Alex getting stem cell treatment for his hurt back

  1. I am so glad that he thinks of himself and his family first now. And I hope the treatment gives him the results he’s hoping for.
    And he is right, a TV show, or any other work is not worth your health.
    He is a very commited guy, and he will honor his contract until it is just not possible anymore. I’m glad to know that he will step back for his own good.
    I can only thank him for his dedication, for his hard work and for his commitment. And wish him all the very best in the world.
    But on one point I do disagree, I think he is doing a fantastic job as an actor. 🙂


    • Angela D

      Very well put. He should do what is best for him & his family. I wish all the best in what ever works for him. Hope the writers take his health in consideration, along with all the actors. An yes Alex you are good at your job. Love you all at H50 & hope to meet you next year.

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  2. I would love to see an episode directed by Alex 🙂
    And yes, if he has decided that after a potential S8 that’s it for me I fully respect his decision.


  3. evowoman88

    I don’t get the upset fans. All TV Shows end. At least it’s not being canceled, which actually was a possibility at times.


  4. vanduyn

    With each of these interviews you learn more about his injuries and the state of his physical well being. It just makes me love him more to understand the commitment it must take to just keep doing it at all at this point 😥


  5. Dee Ann korth

    Another great interview from Alex! His health and family are more than season eight ! I hope if it is possible we will have a season eight but not sure. Also love the bromance between Steve and Danny for the past seven seasons. Good to hear that Alex and Scott are such good friends in real life! Also loved alll the comments about Doris and Catherine. I have watched the show for the action that we get to see each week and the bromance between my two favorite guys, not the romance!


  6. Patricia TODESCO

    I’m French and I don’t speak english very well. But I ‘m sure about one thing: health is more important than anything! I love this show and I love the team. Alex will miss us. But I respect his decision and I hope him and his family happiness and health.


  7. kathysr

    What the heck did Alex do to his back? Take care, fella. He needs to stop doing all that running. Running is super painful with a back injury. Every time your foot hits the ground with the weight of your entire body, it jars nerves from the top of your head to your toes. When he was doing the strenuous work in episode 7.04, climbing up those rocks and then pulling up Alicia, that looked painful too, with a sore back and two sore shoulders. Take it easy, Alex. I wonder if stem cell therapy is generating new nerves or repairing damaged ones. I’ve seem Twitter photos of Scott doing cryotherapy in Hawaii. Looks like they’re both trying to repair their very battered bodies.


  8. I didn’t think it was possible, but I love Alex even more after reading about his committment to his job as well as the dedication to his family and concern for his health. He is a very special, refreshing and honest actor. BTW also a very good one. I wish him well and hope he gets well and we get to see him in a different role…maybe in a suit behind a desk. It would be s shame to never see him on screen again after S8.


  9. Another wonderful interview. I didn’t know that his injuries were that serious. I hope he takes good care of himself this season & next. He is so beautiful, inside & out. His commitment to the show is very commendable, but I’m glad he has his priorities straight – health & family.


  10. lindae5o

    Alex is very wrong about not being a good actor !! He is amazing, and we all need to tell him so !!


  11. Jane

    Alex. Your fans love you. At the end of the day.. you do what is right for you. Always a fan. ❌⭕️


  12. cathy

    sorry for my english…8 seasons it would be great …. I just hope not to see it in another series sitting behind a desk because I’m really bored … and alex also !!!


  13. Kimberly A. Avery

    I have so much respect for Alex! Miney is not more important than his life. I didn’t know he does all of his own fights, chases and flying. No stunt man!!! I will miss him a lot! But dude take care of your body! I think whatever he takes on for his next journey he will be just as good at! Very talented man.


  14. I think Alex actually sounded a little disillusioned with H50. I keep remembering when the show first started he said he had told Scott if the show was on very long they would both be producers, well that hasn’t happened for whatever reason. If he had more creative input then maybe he wouldn’t be wanting to leave. He made some statements that PL shot down. I personally feel that Alex is being underused and underappreciated by whom ever is in charge. For someone who has given his blood, sweat and tears he deserves more than he gotten as far as we know is getting.

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  15. kathysr

    Wanda, those are really interesting observations. I never knew that Alex had talked about the possibility of producing. On other shows, the stars often become executive producers after several years on the show. It allows them much more creative input and control over their characters.

    He’s made surprisingly negative comments about the writers, too. In one of the recent interviews, he was asked if he could influence the arc of Steve McGarrett. He replied, “I don’t talk to the writers, because I’m not happy with the outcome.” Wow. Ouch. That’s really honest and depressing to me. The other thing I find weird is that the writers are in Hollywood, 2,500 miles away from the show, stars and the studio. So, Alex can’t just trot over (or drive over) to the writer’s offices and have a chat with them. That distance may really disconnect them from the hopes and the desires of the actors. Alex and Scott have often said, “We just do what the writers give us.” That sounds depressing to me. I’ve always believed that the stars of shows had the power to help craft their characters.

    It sounds like Peter rules with an iron fist. Even in these interviews for Episode 150, Alex is saying one thing and Peter is saying the opposite about Catherine. Alex is saying Steve and Catherine are through. Peter’s saying, not so fast, Catherine will appear in the future and that Steve and Catherine’s journey isn’t OVER yet. And Peter added that “Lynn is not the one.” Hmmm……these two guys aren’t on the same page. I can see where that would be depressing.

    Alex may be signaling to Peter, the writers, the producers, and to CBS that he’s ready to walk away from the show. If he’s seriously injured, he has the right to end it after seven years. He’s given his health for the show.


    • Yes, I am sure Alex will one day say even worse things about H50 writing. It is a shame he doesn´t get a say at all, he must be so disappointed. But being a positive person, he has focused on the positive sides, working next to his home and family, and giving so many locals a job.
      I think Alex is frustrated of the back and forth with Steve and Cath , like after season 3 with Wofat, he joked “why can´t I just shoot him?” Just to finish the never ending story lines.


      • kathysr

        lol, Paula, I totally agree on Wo Fat! Kill the guy already! I never understood that storyline, just like I don’t understand the storyline with his father. Who was this guy? Some terrible powerful villain? He looks like a monk or a poet, sitting there reading his books, totally Zen! Who was the dude? Has he ever been explained? I know he was Wo Fat’s dad, I know Doris was tasked with killing him (WHY?), that she killed his wife by mistake and then has been consumed with guilt for 25 years. lol, I think they were secret lovers! I’m just joking but hey, anything’s possible here. Peter, how about a genuine storyline explaining who the guy IS!

        I’m sure Alex must be frustrated with the back and forth on Catherine. He’s a loyal trouper who just about kills himself to do the best job possible. Alex is such a wonderful actor, but Steve is such an emotionally buttoned up character that Alex is extremely limited in where he can go, emotionally. That must depress him at times. He has to search extra hard to find the emotional nuances in the character.

        All great actors do lots of backstory and emotional work on what makes their characters tick. Alex has given us many wonderful insights into all the traumas and losses which spiritually drive Steve. I wish the writers and producers would give him a genuine love interest, whom we get to see on camera, whoever she is.

        The reason so many of us still love Catherine is that we saw her onscreen with Steve over many years. A lot of us grew to really care for her and think she was right for Steve. They were a tight team, in total spiritual alignment with their purpose on earth. They instinctively understood each other, supported each other. always understanding when the other one had to leave on a mission. That’s what they DO. That’s what I love about the characters. They mesh beautifully for me. And then Catherine started to keep secrets from him. To me that’s never been explained, either. Why could she NOT tell him that she’d joined the CIA? I do think he would have understood. Steve’s a very forgiving soul.

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