#H50 7.06 – #AlexOloughlin and his killer strut

Another Halloween epi, another wasted epi to dress Alex/Steve as Mick! Whyyyy??? Who wouldn´t love to see Mick in Hawaii 😀

We knew there would not be as much Alex in this epi as usually, but I still prefered this epi to last week´s. I just wish they would have more fun with these Halloween scares. I also wish they would ditch Kodam, getting ridiculous now, having Kono save Adam´s ass all the time… On the positive side, I can always skip over anything Steveless 😉

This is what caught my eyes tonight. Enjoy!











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17 responses to “#H50 7.06 – #AlexOloughlin and his killer strut

  1. Thank you! Mahalo! (Repeat repeatedly!) Love the gifs, agree with your Kono-Adam assessment, ENOUGH already! We want to see STEVE!! Though I did enjoy the authentic Hawaiian Ghost Story, the backstory and the modern portion. But what I wholeheartedly agree with you on is the missed opportunity to have McG in costume as a sexy vampire, OUR sexy vampire, the one and only MICK! It would be so delicious!! Hopefully there’s next year.


  2. Annie

    OMG!! He can’t get anymore sexier. Time for another cold shower.


  3. JoJo

    Hi! Why did you know there would be less Alex? Did I miss something?!


  4. Oh yes, a Halloween ep with all the team dressed up and Steve as Mick would be awesome 🙂


  5. gracenotpark

    Did y’all feel, as I did, that McG, the little we saw of him, was looking particularly fiiiiiiiine in this ep? ❤ to him!

    You certainly captured his finest moments up above. ❤ to Paula!

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  6. Vixhen

    I agree with your assessment. I’m so over Kodam. What’s up with these writers and relationships? Having Kono save Adam every week is getting so old. They’ve dropped every single relationship that they’ve tried to add to the show. As for those amazing gifs…the last one in slow-mo was the finest piece of man candy ever!


  7. Karen

    I really enjoyed the episode and thank oh so much for all of the lovely gifs that you created for the episode.


  8. Oh, that man sure can strut! Next week’s promo looks good!


  9. Yes Alex has a strut that kills like in that last Slow-Mo gif *THUD* (RIP Kath)
    I also love Steve in the blue lite. It reminds me of Mick in morgue lighting. ♥
    I love, love, loved Mick in Moonlight morgue lighting. ♥ *sigh* ♥
    Speaking of Mick, Steve really needs to dress up as a Mick Vamp next Halloween season. Pleeeeeease! 😀 Although Mick never wore a cape his long coats were cape like. Anywhooo just dressing Steve as a vamp would be a nice nod and send us Squeeeeeling! ♥


  10. vanduyn

    From your lips to God’s ears!! A Steve/Mick would be AWESOME!! And possibly kill me, but what a way to go!! 😀


  11. Karen Downton

    I liked this episode, always fun with the Halloween themes. I loved Jerry’s costume. I would have liked Steve and Danny to dress up too at some point maybe as an undercover situation or something.

    I kinda was hoping for a McKono moment but now that Adam has returned maybe not.


  12. And again you covered the best part of this lame episode. No words for BorDam and no words for D scaring a ten year old. But Steve looked mighty fine and I loved his words about the memories of his father.
    And yeah, Max is back! I missed him. Still laughing about Steve’s: “Way to bury the lede.”


  13. Leah

    Oh YES! That LOVELY strut! 😀 Was glad to see Max back also and had to admire his stubble beard – thought it looked good on him.


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