#H50 exciting and realistic?!!

“I think it is important for an actor to do as much homework about their character and their surroundings as they can,” he says. “I’m not the kind of actor who feels like he has to become his character, 24/7. It’s just helpful to understand what makes your character tick. The more time I spend studying the Islands the more I become to understand what drives McGarrett. Most of the time I like what I discover about him, but sometimes his behavior surprises me. But overall, he’s a good, honest man on a great, exciting and realistic show.” -Global TV Canada 2011



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3 responses to “#H50 exciting and realistic?!!

  1. alexnymph

    He works so hard and is so conscientious! Kudos to Alex for getting to know the Islands–maybe he can teach the writers how to do that.


    • allyaerin

      Oh, it would be great for the writers to improve, to care about the characters as much as we do. And exciting? Sure. Realistic? Emphatically NO. It’s a ridiculous show, and takes many liberties and overlooks the inconsistencies. It’s like if there is a great car chase or shoot-out then the inconsistencies don’t matter. And I agree with you on Alex. He’s a great human being. 🙂


  2. Kathysr

    Lol, exciting, yes! Realistic, no!


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