#H50 7.05 – Steve dreaming of riding a unicorn to work

Best part of this episode was Steve, in his kevlar “uniform”. And his handsome face. And his sarcastic reply to D about riding unicorns to work 😀

I did not like this episode, found it so boring. Too much Adam story line, that I have no interest in, since it has nothing to do with Steve. I think Adam needs to get back into his dad´s baddie business for him to get interesting again, being Kono´s hubby is just a waste of screen time.

But enough of my whining 😉 let´s feast our eyes on pretty gorgeous McG sunnies smiley















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27 responses to “#H50 7.05 – Steve dreaming of riding a unicorn to work

  1. AudreyD

    WOW, WOW, WOW. These are awesome GIFs. Thank you.


  2. My take from this episode?
    It was boring.
    Danny can’t have an argument with Steve without insulting him. And neither Danny nor the whole show should adress the gun control topic.
    Loved Steve’s “determination face”, loved his attention for Chin, loved the unicorn speech.
    The pink beast was back! Yeah!
    *goes and watches 7.04 again*


  3. Really the episode was way over the top IMHO!


  4. Kathysr

    First time through, I thought it was boring, too. That’s why I love being able to watch every episode repeatedly. They move so quickly, the scenes are SO fast that you miss things. I get more information each time I watch the episodes. I’ve watched 7.4 six or seven times and intend to watch more.

    100% Team Steve on the gun control issue. Of COURSE we can take guns away from the the bad guys, Danny! LOL, dream ON! Ever heard of Prohibition, back in 1921, when we outlawed alcohol? All it succeeded in doing was permanently establishing organized crime in the USA. People will always be able to buy guns, both the good guys and the bad guys. Gun control will drive everything underground, and then no one will ever know who has what. Think about that for a while. There’s a huge, worldwide black market for guns. Good luck EVER getting rid of it. Impossible.

    However, in this episode, Danny did save the day. He talked the guy down so that he surrendered without killing any more people. So I liked that. I’m tired of Danny’s negativity too. It’s become very nasty and sarcastic. You all know I love the character and the actor, but they’re writing him as just really irritating now. I think that’s how they’re writing him out of the show. He’s becoming a very minor presence, fading more and more into the background.

    I’m surprised at how little Grover has appeared so far this year. So far he’s been a very minor character, too. They need to step up his presence with McGarrett. He’s gonna be the new best buddy when Danny finally leaves. So it’s just odd that we haven’t seen more Grover. I really love the actor and the character. He’s really funny. I loved his scene with the Chicago Bears player. “You can just tackle anyone on this beach and I won’t arrest you!”


    • I have also noticed Chi/Grover has had very little lines so far. That is a shame. His interactions with Steve have been one of the funniest moments and also maybe the best.
      I almost mentioned that Danny´s reasoning, with his “I know, because I am a father too” just irked me big time. They have him use that “excuse” every season. Enough of that already.


  5. Daydreaming…..what would make you fall in love with the show again?


  6. vanduyn

    Excellent gifs as usual! Thanks 😀

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  7. karen

    Hmmm…I didn’t think this one was that bad….well, except for Danny. I wish he would move back to Jersey.


  8. Regina Filange

    I was also a little underwhelmed by this episode. I’ve read a lot of people complaining about the whole gun control topic. I like that they can incorporate things that are happening now in today’s world(even though it’s been a topic for years). But there was just something missing from the episode that I can’t quite put my finger on. I’ve always been a fan of Steve and Danno’s carguments. It kind of lightens the mood a little for me. Deep down I think Steve knows that Danny isn’t as mean as what he is saying. The bromance between them is still there it’s just a little rocky at times. Steve looked fabulous in this episode. The comment about riding the unicorn to work made me think of naughty things do so with Steve😋😏. But then again even when he says “cover me” that did too. I’m just a sick minded woman for this man. Great gifs for this episode. I’ve been anxiously waiting for episode 150. I want to know what happens. I know I shouldn’t wish it to come sooner because that’s one episode closer to the end of this season and inevitably the end of the show. I’ll just have to enjoy what episodes come to be and hope that they have Steve in as little clothing as possible…Eureka!! That’s what was missing. A shirtless Steve!!😜


    • Kathysr

      I love your comments! You got it bad for Steve, girl! Most of the time I love Steve and Danny’s carguments. This one was pretty stupid, gotta say, and I was 100% on Steve’s side in this one. Danny just loves to kvetch! He used to be a much more dynamic character in the first few years of the show. Now he shows up, stands at the table, make a few comments, and then just backs up Steve. It’s boring and it must be boring to play. I’m hoping that Danny and Rachel reconcile and then the whole family heads back to New Jersey. He’s been spending a LOT of time back there lately. I think that’s how they’ll write him off the show. But I wonder what event will ultimately make him decide to leave 5-O.

      You know, Peter has promised a New Jersey-centric episode since the beginning of the show. I wish they’d send the two of them back there to bring back a suspect or a witness, and let Danny be in charge for a change. Steve will be the fish out of water. I can see an hilarious take-off on the movie MIDNIGHT RUN, oh could these two guys be great in that! LOL, in the car the whole time, driving each other absolutely bananas, until the moment when they just STOP doing that and realize that they need to work together as a team to solve the problem at hand, i.e., the escaped suspect/witness!!!

      Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?


      • Regina Filange

        I was absolutely hooked on him from episode one. From then on I have been grasping at straws to see all that he’s done. I work with law enforcement on a regular basis and let me tell you there are no officers in my area that look like him. I know I know it’s a tv show, damn the man. I have to wonder if he’s even checked out the many fan sites that he has and have checked out the comments. I’m sure he’s just laughing at some of them.

        As for a Danny centered episode in Jersey, I would love that. I thought no it would be great. I loved the 9/11 episode(it really brought me back to that day)plus I really love Grace. We’ll have to see what comes about and what Peter has in mind. I sure hope that Scott has signed on through season 8. It wouldn’t be the same. If season 8 is truly the end of it all I would love to see Danny stay to drive Steve crazy.


        • kathysr

          I suspect that people DO check out the fan sites, to see what everyone’s saying about the show. Alex can’t do it himself, but people who work for him as well as people at CBS and at the Hawaii Five-O production offices may well be monitoring things. You’d be surprised. Though they’d never let us know it in a million years, they DO want to know what we’re thinking.

          This is in my opinion the absolute best site on the Internet for Alex O’Loughlin. So, yeah, I strongly believe that we’re visited and read. I hope the writers visit here so that they can maybe get some ideas about how they SHOULD be writing the show! LOL!!!!


          • Thanks for the compliment Kathy. 🙂 For us is all about sharing as much of the Alex O’Loughlin fun that we can find with everyone.
            But I highly doubt if anybody from the show (and surely not the writers) or anybody from Alex’s PR people would ever read anything on here. There are as many views of how the show should be, as there are viewers (even on here as well). I doubt if they would really take note of anything said on here specifically to change in the show. 😀


  9. Karen

    Wow! Just love the gifs that you created. Thank you.


  10. Sue

    Scott said, when he started the role, that he only intended to play it for 6-7 years, and then use the money that he made, to bankroll his writing/producing. He would like to form his own theater group. Now he has 4 or 5 episodes, where he doesn’t appear. He has also said that he doesn’t like Hawaii. Well his time is approaching up, haven’t heard, if he signed another contract, like Alex did. Who knows, he may be requesting the writers and Peter, to let him go.
    So glad Alex signed on for this and next year. Anyone hear, what he did to his back?


    • Kathysr

      I’d be thrilled if Scott signed on for the eighth year, but I doubt it. When you sign a contract, seven years is a very long time! I’m keeping track of all Scott’s creative activities. I would love to see his film MERCY. I’d LOVE to see him on stage. His plays have gotten rave reviews when he’s performed them in Los Angeles. He’s a very multi-talented guy. His photography books are beautiful, too. I hope that he can expand his horizons and perform off-off Broadway, if he wants to do that. He’s been performing in LA for years at a theater that was created by Garry Marshall. They were great friends. Garry’s death must have been a big blow to Scott. I loved Garry Marshall. He was a brilliantly talented director and actor. I know Scott wants to have his own theater group, just like Garry did. Garry mentored and fostered talent like Scott over the years. He provided a creative outlet for young, talented and relatively unknown creative writers, actors, directors and producers to perform their works before real audiences.

      I hope that Scott comes back for a few guest-starring episodes next year, just so Danny can continue to drive Steve crazy!


  11. “riding unicorns to work” LOL I just couldn’t resist. BTS S2E13


  12. Magnólia

    Amo o talento e a forma como se movimenta!🎻👏


  13. I knew we could count on you to capture the pretty from this boring episode. 🙂 Thank you.

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  14. Kimphin1

    He’s even more intriguing in slow motion!!! Thanks for grabbing the good parts of the episode!


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