Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a month in review (October 2016)

With real life still keeping both Paula and myself busy at the moment, we struggle to get enough time to dedicate it all to our favourite topic here. And to be honest when we do have the time, we are so tired that we just sit around chatting and have some fun around our favourite hobby (Alex) and forget to make time to finish our posts. Hopefully things will settle again in our lives and then we will hopefully shower you on a daily basis again with some fun posts.

This is a brief summary of all the things that got posted during the last month. And thank you to everybody who posted these beautiful pictures.

Life on the Set:

jenniferparisi1 Day on set @hawaiifive0cbs#filming#filmset#alexoloughlin#danielkim#five0#starstruck#lunchwiththecast#behindthescenes#hawaii#waikiki#diamondhead#crater#holidays



cathryndeprume Onset @hawaiifive0cbs  #grateful #workingactor



cathryndeprume #hottiesandwich ! #CarlosBernard#director#ScottCaan@hawaiifive0cbs



ma.c7  まさかの裸眼で マクギャレットとダノに 逢えるなんて……🙈💗💜 マクギャレットやっぱり好き~❤️  season1  から見てるから  テンション上がりすぎてやばい😭💕 #hawaiifive0 #海外ドラマ #hiltonhawaiianvillage #hiruton #マクギャレット #実物も男前


nightmare1503 So lucky to live in Hawaii. 🌸 #hawaiifive0 #H50 #hawaii #efhonolulu #honolulu #alexoloughlin #scottcaan #stevemcgarrett #dannywilliams #oahu #hiltonhawaiianvillage #love #fangirl #instagirl #instapic #instagood #picoftheday #bloggergirl ❤


officialmattbattaglia Nice to be working with 2 great guys that have made me feel welcomed this week. #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #HawaiiFive0 @cbstv  @hawaiiFiveo


Fan Photos:


matthewsalameh Watching #hawaiifive0 being filmed. Season 7. #alexoloughlin#starstruck#diamondheadcrater

alex-with-a-young-fangirl-on-set(This of course is the baby girl that we see with the family on the 1st  picture from the set)


jameshawaiirealtor On the 5-0 set. #hawaii50



tommyt8900  #hawaii#hawaiian #hawaiilife #hawaiifive0 #pauhanamarket Thank you for shooting Hawaii Five O crew!



nightmare1503 That’s how Alex looks, when he’s confused. 😂 i know.. I’ve got a complicated phone, sorry. 😂 (23.09.16) #oldbutgold#hawaiifive0#H50#sunsetonthebeach#alexoloughlin#2016#selfie#queensbeach#waikiki#oahu#vacation#holiday#hawaii#honolulu#stevemcgarrett#funny#confused#instagood#instagirl#instapic#picoftheday#bloggergirl❤


  • From the filming of Season 5 finale in April 2015

haveyoumet_robin  hawaii #honolulu #hawaii50 #hawaii50cast #greatshow #scottcaan #alexoloughlin #iamnottheperp #definitely #goodtimes #tbt🔙☀️



lisa_jennifer   A big thank you to the directors Jocco and Jason for allowing me to spend the day on the set of Hawaii 5-0 and to the cast and crew who were so warm and welcoming especially Alex O’ Loughlin. And of course a big thank you to my son Ian, for bringing me along! This was truly a great day!! #Hawaii5-0



HTA-Hawaii Technology Academy  After her 3rd grade zoo field trip, Ms. Hawkins and a few of her students had the chance to meet Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan from Hawaii Five-O. The show was being filmed at the Honolulu Zoo. What luck! Also, check out their HTA shirts (perfect for field trips) now for sale in our online store! Hawaii Five-0 #hawaiitechnologyacademy #hta



Alex with friends/colleagues:

   typical dysfunctional us 😂#h50

danieldaekim  #BOO. #JustAnotherFridayNight #squad #H50



Some Laughs (or rather cries):

  • People who insist on believing the nonsense they make up themselves after they read distorted facts from an article ( Alex O’Loughlin on his Hawaii Five-O exit ). People using words like Alex is quitting Hawaii Five-0, and people saying Alex is leaving soon, just get my blood boiling. Of course Alex is not quitting the show before the end, and so much can still happen until we get to April 2018 when we will know if Hawaii Five-0 will go beyond Season 8. People making a fuss and crying about it all now are just ridiculous  in my opinion. Let us all just hope that Alex will be able to recover from his back injury and bring us fans many more years of all kinds of different and wonderful characters.

The words of a fangirl:

  • I often saw the owner of the fansite ‘Alex O’Loughlin Rocks’ use this line, Alex does not owe us as fans anything other than to give his best when he is doing his job as an actor”.  And it was as true then, as it is now. Fans who think that Alex should offer them any personal favours and who believe that he wrongs them in some way if he doesn’t give in to their personal demands, should rethink their motives and reasons for being a fan.  Fans should be there to adore and promote what they love, not demand or start crusades whenever their own warped expectations, of what a celebrity should do for them, are not met. Just sit back and enjoy this wonderful man named Alex and his talent.


Most ‘interesting’ search for the Month:

(Of course these made me chuckle for different reasons)

  • does mcgarret get his tattoos every episode
  • is alex o’loughlin circumcised

First answer is no, and second answer is yes.

kitty fun dl n


Next Week:

  • I lost track of where they are with filming, but I guess that they should be busy doing Episode 711 by now.


Hope you all have a great week!



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11 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a month in review (October 2016)

  1. Thank you for the recap 🙂
    BTW I fully agree with your “cries” and “words of a fangirl”


  2. cwtshjan

    Your “words of a fangirl” ring so true. A true fan wants Alex to be happy and feel fulfilled careerwise. I will follow wherever he leads. Your chuckles were odd as usual. How do we know the second answer is no!!!! I don’t mind checking btw. Sorry but this has sent my mind spiralling to depths of the gutter.


  3. Amen to your cries and amen to your words of a fangirl. Some people…
    And both of your answers are true. 😀


  4. vanduyn

    So agree with your comments under laughs or cries! And the searches always make me laugh, this one being no exception! LOL 😀 Keep up the excellent work 😀


  5. Once again, you did a wonderful job with all the photos. Thank you! By the way, how do you know Alex is circumcised? Are you not telling us something? LOL


  6. I think it is rather hilarious what the ‘press’ is doing with this one interview. It is making its way around the world. And one article is more colorful than the one before. Sad, but hilarious at the same time.
    Thanks again for putting all these pics in one place.
    And I totally agree, Alex doesn’t owe his fans anything. He is doing great work while on the job, and he is kind and friendly during fan encounters. But he is first and foremost a person who has the right to do his own things, and he is not required to take his fans in account.
    His fans who care for him know that, and wish him nothing but happiness and that his life (private and job-wise) goes his way.


    • Yes, it is bad enough that the first journalist decided to put her own spin on it, now the rest of them is making it worse and some even quoting some of the most warped comments from fans who make up their own stories about it all. I am dumbfounded at it all.
      No wonder celebs choose to avoid reading anything about themselves. In the end their whole life is reinvented for them.


    • I am going to go very British on you and say “HEAR HEAR!!!!’


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