#AlexOloughlin, romantic with humor and great with action

“He’s romantic, he has humor and he’s great with action. His work comes from a very deep place.” – Ron Koslow, Co-creator of “Moonlight”, in Starlog, November 2007




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9 responses to “#AlexOloughlin, romantic with humor and great with action

  1. In one word he is just AWESOME 🙂


  2. Marjorie

    He’s PERFECTION ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Yep, he’s perfectly awesome!


  4. Well said everyone! All your adjectives are right on.


  5. Kathryn

    Sigh….our sexy, sensitive, romantic, funny action man 😀. Is there anyone he’s worked with who hasn’t fallen in love with him? What a beautiful picture, thank you Paula. I may need rescuing soon because I’m drowning in his eyes………on second thoughts just leave me 😊😊


  6. Peggy

    The older he gets the better looking he is


  7. vanduyn

    Gorgeous pic 😊


  8. cwtshjan

    So special. One of a kind.


  9. …may I add emotion? And talking just with his facial expression? Alexpressions!

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