Some #AlexOLoughlin fun …….

“In my early 20s, I did a lot of weights. I was huge—closer to 200 pounds,” says the 6’1″ actor, who clocks in today at a solid 175. “For lunch I’d have a chicken, a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, and a bag of chocolate cookies. Then I’d go to the gym and bench 240 pounds. That’s a young man’s thing.” Today, he pulls up to a roadside cafe in Malibu for his MF interview and jumps out of his black Porsche Cayenne, looking tan and happy in a gray T-shirt and khaki cargo shorts, a plastic gallon jug half-filled with water dangling from his hand.

Mens Fitness Magazine

August 2011




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8 responses to “Some #AlexOLoughlin fun …….

  1. He might have been bigger in his 20es but he definitely looked perfect in his 30s and even better now in his 40s 🙂


  2. Magnólia

    Muito apetecível! 🍏🍏


  3. Kathysr

    Alex’ weight fluctuates. He was thinner when he did the pilot for 5-O, but then he was seven years younger too! He was really thin when he did the press tour for The Back-Up Plan. He looked pretty beefy in Moonlight, a lot heavier than he is now. His weight gain or loss shows in his face. He said in interviews for the Back-Up Plan than when he gets really stressed out, he loses weight. He also said on the narrated episode from Season Four with Chi that it’s hard for him to keep the weight on all year long because he does so much demanding physical stuff as Steve McGarrett that the weight falls off during the year. By the end of the year, he’s thinner. He looks gorgeous at any weight! He must have been a real bruiser at 200 pounds.


  4. cwtshjan

    Whatever his regime these days it’s certainly working. He looks better than ever.


  5. Yes, his weight fluctuates, but he always looks hot! He manages to stay in shape and his body is so toned. Oh, my!


  6. Regina Filange

    He definitely looks like he’s built like a brick house. What I wouldn’t do to decorate the brick house!😏😋 He could bring his brick house over to my land anytime.😜 Ok those are bad but damn the man is fine.


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