Pic for the day – #AlexOloughlin hiding in his work

You know, I’ve played a lot of characters; I’ve played characters that are similar to me as a person, but I’ve played a lot of characters that are very different to me as a person, as well.

And the further I am away from who I am and what I’m like, the easier it is for me.

You can dress me up as the devil, with a big mask and stuff and that’d be easy for me to play because I am hiding behind it.

The closer you get to who I actually am, and ‘Stan’ has a lot of attributes that I have, the harder it is for me. The harder it is to put that on screen and to show my true self because as actors, a lot of us are very private with our true self.

– Alex 2010



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7 responses to “Pic for the day – #AlexOloughlin hiding in his work

  1. gracenotpark

    Interesting. I don’t recall reading that Stan is the most like him of his characters. I can see that tho.


  2. vanduyn

    I bet that’s why I really fell for Stan! This picture made me stop breathing for a bit! Excellent 😀

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  3. Magnólia

    Linda foto! Grande actor!❣


  4. Be still my heart! What a beautiful picture, and thank you for the interview I haven’t seen before. You girls are amazing!


  5. lynnrxgal

    He has a bit of Jack in him as well (Oyster Farmer).


  6. Kathysr

    Well I just have to go back and watch The Back Up Plan again! He’s drop dead gorgeous, adorable and utterly irresistible as Stan. I’ve watched many of his press interviews for the movie. He’s always so sweet. Because in EVERY interview, the dorky interviewer asks him the utterly idiotic question of what it’s like to be able to stare at Jennifer Lopez’s behind. He’s so sweet and deferential. He always replies “Jennifer has a gorgeous bottom, but that’s not what I focused on in playing the part of Stan.” He must have been asked that question a thousand times. Oy Vey! Enough already!

    And I love that Alex totally defends Jennifer, saying she was awesome to work with. She has a reputation as a very demanding, difficult diva. I think that when she’s in acting mode, she becomes the student. I’ve always loved her as an actor and have loved many of her movies. She said in an interview that when she told a female friend that Alex was being considered for the part, the person almost passed out with excitement and told her that she HAD to work with Alex! Lol, Jennifer didn’t know who Alex was at the time. Their joint interviews for the film are darling, too. Alex comes across as a trusted friend. They look like they really got along well together.


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