#AlexOLoughlin Talks Exciting #H50 Season 7 to ETCanada

From his near death experience on the show to his philosophy of telling his mates he loves them, “Hawaii 5-0” star Alex O’Loughlin opens up about the exciting new season.

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Alex: All the SEALs I know that a ….. like actual SEALs. No [laughs] ….  actors pretending to be SEALs, this stuff doesn’t faze them. They’re like “I had a liver transplant. And you know, it seems pretty good.” It’s kind of crazy, so … I’m not going to play …. I’m not going to play it any differently.

Reporter: It seems to be a big season of reflection for everyone. Will Steve be contemplating what his future looks like?


Alex:  Yeh, I think so.  Hang on one sec ….. [Alex to his assistant: “Ryan, water buddy, at some point, thanks.]  I think so mate. I think a lot of things have happened. You know there’s been a big …. You know he took a big hit with Catherine over the six years that preceded this.

He has, regardless of whether he plays it off or not, he’s had a near death experience etc. ….. and so, he’s definitely got to have some quiet moments where he’s going to think about all those things.


Reporter: Now we hear that Catherine is returning. Is she going to stay?

Alex:  Well you’ve got to ask … you’ve got to ask the boss man that question. But it’s a great episode. We just finished shooting the one that you are talking about. And, I am not going to give anything away, but it’s … it’s ….

Things get answered in a way that I think we really think that we needed them to be.


Reporter: In the promos we see Steve telling Danny that he loves him. What can we expect with the bromance?

Alex: Oh mate, he always tells him that he loves him. They’re always like, “I love you buddy.” You know.  But don’t you do that with your mates? I do it with all my mates.


Reporter: I certainly do.

Alex: Cause you know what – how many people that I’ve ….. I’ve really, in life, that have gone, “I just lost so and so, and I never told them I love them”. And I’m like, “Why not?” You know. So, I don’t know. I think we are modern dudes and …. That’s just normal talk around my house.


Reporter: What about the stunts? Are they raising the bars on stunts this year?

Alex: Yeah they’re always …. our stunts have always been pretty gnarly. I mean, we’ve been up for Emmys and stuff for the stunt sequences that we do. And I’m less involved in those stunt sequences now, because I got so badly hurt.

And I’ve been trying to figure out this back injury now. And that’s been the one that sort of really stopped me. But, they’re still doing it.


[Crowd chanting, “Alex, Alex, Alex”,  and Alex cheering them on ….]


My Thoughts

  • No “body language” reading necessary to understand what he is saying.

Link to video


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11 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Talks Exciting #H50 Season 7 to ETCanada

  1. Kristina

    When did he hurt his back?


  2. I love this interview and his way of thinking 🙂


  3. Kathysr

    Wow, I wonder when he injured his back, too. That’s news. Alex still does a lot of his own stunt work. That’s Alex, running like a maniac down the street and jumping up on cars. The close-up shots clearly show Alex.

    Remember in Season Two, when he grew anorexic, so thin that he scared all of us? He was injured and he just kept right on doing those crazy stunts. Which or course aggravated the injury. So, being a loyal soldier, he took some pain medication to continue to meet the tight shooting deadlines of a big budget TV show. And then he injured himself more, because he was injuring his injury by continuing to punish his body and never allowing the injury to heal. Everything he did was because of his incredible work ethic and loyalty to the show. He finally had to take a break to get off the pain meds and to let his injured body heal.

    Alex, please take care of yourself. You’re not 33 anymore, you just turned 40. The body DOES AGE! Scott won’t do any of that stuff. I think Scott has injured himself so much in his 25-year career that he has learned NOT to do the stunts. He’s said that he’s wrecked every part of his body many times.

    When I see Alex (or any stunt guy) jump down thirty feet and land flat on their feet, my entire body groans in pain. I can only imagine shattered tibias, fibias, broken hips, broken ankles, and PAIN!!!

    Take it easy fella!


  4. Ocean

    Kudos to Alex for knowing (and saying) I love you to those around you. He’s got his stuff together!


  5. THX for this fantastic interview!! Like most of you I was unaware that he had hurt his back, ‘You gotta let the stunt guys do their thing, Alex!!’ But it sounds like he knows this.


  6. Zoyya

    creo que su espalda se lesionó en la segunda temporada, estuvo algunos capítulos fuera por eso, cuando viajó con catherine…..


  7. Thanks girls! I live in Brazil and I have no access to the content on Alex. I love page. You are amazing.


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