And that was #SOTB for #h50 Season 7

We will replace this weeks post of ‘Life in review‘ with just a few pictures from Friday nights’ Sunset on the Beach.

To me it feels like that with each year and with more technology and social media outlets available, the less of the real live experience we who can’t be there, get on the other side of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate each and everybody who were there and shared footage, but in a year like 2011 it felt to me like I was there, experiencing the feeling and the event.

Everybody who shared their pictures over the past 2 days, you all did a great job! The rest of us who could not be there, will be forever grateful for your generosity of sharing.


michaeljrobles  #h50 #sotb #maliajones #alexoloughlin


  • From Star Advertiser:
  • From Melissa at Frolic Hawaii:

melissa808 Alex O’Loughlin with Miss Hawaii USA on the #H50 red carpet!


Yes Alex, we all think you are prettier than her.

That adorable smile says it all!

  • From Frolic Hawaii
  • From Billy

billybogoeski   #H5O’s #AlexI’Loughlin meeting the fans #hawaiifive0 #SOTB #cbs #hawaii #waikiki

gonesurfin1  Five-O sunset on the beach premiere with Alex O’Loughlin #hawaiifive0 #h50 #hawaii50 #hawaii5o #sunsetonthebeach #sotb #cbs #hawaiifiveo #waikiki #honolulu #oahu #hawaii #usa #aloha #hangloose #shaka #celebrities #series #tv #stars #alohafriday #alexoloughlin #stevemcgarrett



suzi.slamher Be jealous. I met Alex from Hawaii 5-0 #hawaiilife #h50season7 #seasonpremiere #stevemagarett #alexoloughlin #hawaii50 #sunsetonthebeach


Jean DelaCruz Mission accomplished! Pic of McGarret, group selfie with him, plus he used Kiku’s phone & she squeezed his arm and said thanks. He said “no problem “. She’s in heaven!! So happy for her!


A Special Thank You to the Ninja for the pictures  videos you shared from the event on Twitter. You did a great job!

  • From CBS

Shaka Kidz Foundation  Hawaii Five-O’s 7th Season Premiere on Queens Beach. It rocked last night.

There are such a lot of footage posted of SOTB and we will try to share some more of all the videos, interviews and pictures taken at the event, during the week.

A big THANK YOU to BeeM, Sadie McGarrett and all the others who found and shared the pictures with us all. You made it a lot easier for us to get to all the footage that everybody posted.

And I think we all can agree with one of the screaming fans,

“Alex, you are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”



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10 responses to “And that was #SOTB for #h50 Season 7

  1. Thank you for sharing, it looked like a wonderful celebration 🙂

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  2. Audrey

    Awesome, Awesome. Mahalo, I missed it this year and these photos made it just like I was there.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. gracenotpark

    Oy! Alex IS the cutest thing ever! He and Malia always share a little kiss when they separate on the red carpet. ❤

    I think once the Hawaiian CBS affiliate tv station quit streaming SOTB, it's gotten harder to feel a part of it. We get streaming from wonderful generous fans and a couple of super-kind local tv celebs, but unlike the tv studio, they don't have the tech or the full access to everything all along the carpet. So we get little bits here and there that don't make a total picture until the next day,when awesome fan sites like yours gather em up and put em all together for us. I guess Show's 7 year success makes it ho hum in Hawaii now, just another of their many many many treasures.

    So coming here today is more exciting than the tiny disjointed bits I got to see, live, in the middle of the nite Friday! I appreciate those bits, but the experience of seeing so much of it here today is much more satisfying. 🙂

    So thank you, ladies. Thank you for gathering the goodies! ❤


  4. sand204

    That moment when he was signing the little pink ballet bag and saying it was the cutest thing he’d ever signed, and that fan SHRIEKED, “You’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!” and Alex laughed–that was so great! That’s why people love him. He’s so good to his fans and effortlessly charming. Oh, and unspeakably hot, too, don’t let me forget that!

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  5. kathysr

    Alex is wonderful with his fans. He really talks to them, genuinely sees them, asks them questions, reacts to their answers, appreciates them, takes his time with them, and even tells them to be quiet, “don’t shout at me!”, in a sweet, teasing way, while he’s signing the pink ballet bag for the fan. He genuinely adored the pink ballet bag.

    He’s the real deal. I love the sweet, serious, goofy selfies he takes with fans all year long, every day, any time someone asks him and he’s able to do it. Alex and Malia looked absolutely stunning this year, totally color coordinated. What a gorgeous couple.

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  6. cwtshjan

    Great pics for a great occasion. Alex was, as usual, everything to all people. Kathysr said it – he is the real deal. I just wish the tv networks would get together a little more when scheduling. God knows how long we’ll have to wait for S7 in the UK.

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  7. lindae5o

    Thank you so much for all the gorgeous photos. Alex is stunning, and he and Malia look so good together. I especially love Alex’s nose and jaw-line in the last photo !!! Thud !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you for the photos and info. Love Alex so much and the way his is with fans and his wonderful manor and sweetness!
    Question: In the photo where he is signing on his leg, does he have a white zippered pocket?
    And I loved the overcome fan who could not hold it together after getting a hug from Alex! Probably what I would do if I got a hug from him!!!

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