#H50 7.01 – #SteveMcGarrett back in action

Ok, we finally got to season 7. With a ridiculously loooong chase. Oy, but Alex looks mighty fine again 🙂

This is what caught my interest, enjoy 😀

Wheelchair hottie


Such serious car rides

At least we got nips and pecs for season starter 😉


Maybe in season 13 we will finally see him holstering his thigh 😉


Finally agreeing to take it easy


Eek! New nemesis after Steve!



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26 responses to “#H50 7.01 – #SteveMcGarrett back in action

  1. Okay I am confused on one thing…the man in the church was that supposed to be Steve later in life? Or was he some random guy or someone Steve thought he was talking to. He seemed to resemble the (original Steve McGarrett…sorry can’t remember his name). What do you think?

    I think we all know who is behind these murders, she left but didn’t disappear. The end gave me chills especially knowing that they were able to get into his house.

    Great episode very pleased hope it goes up from there. Curious about Doris, Lynn and Catherine’s return hope there is some closure there….I know Steve needs to move on especially after what the man said in the chapel….great insight.


  2. Ocean

    The man in the chapel was a recreation of Jack Lord, the original McG. I am old enough to remember the original H50, so I knew immediately who it was. I think it was meant to be ethereal — almost ghostly. I get what Lenkov was trying to do and I think it worked. I love that Steve spilled his soul to the “other McGarrett.” It was a touching way to know Steve’s thoughts and a nice nod to Jack Lord.

    I thought the foot chase was epic! Awesome action! We knew that medical realism was going to be suspended, and that’s okay with me. I want my McG to be the same super SEAL as ever.

    But, why did the EMTs only bandage him halfway up? Just so we could see the incision he’s dealing with? Not complaining — always love to see that chest!

    I thought the ending was fabulous! It is the H50 of old — just when you think the story is over, there is a great twist. Love!!!


  3. Karen

    That was one exciting episode. Looking forward to the rest of the season and to see how it all plays out.

    Thank you for these wonderful GIF.


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    Love this one,and the begining


  5. The beginning was amazing


  6. Great to see the new show ,as for Alex ? He’s still gorgeous,loved all the action and know that the rest of the series is going to be good if anything like this episode ,but then just seeing Alex means the world to me


  7. What a great start to a new season! Alex is hot as ever and loved the shirtless scene. Looking forward to more.


  8. vanduyn

    Thanks for the awesome gifs!! 😀


  9. joyfuljaj

    The premiere definitely out performed my expectations. It took me a sec to realized that was Jack Lord at the beginning, but am impressed that the surprise “guest star” was actually kept a secret. I am not sure about Steve’s conversation with him. I don’t get how his career has taken everything important away from him. Since he was obviously contemplating his relationship with Catherine, did he mean he could have just followed her wherever she wanted to go if he didn’t have the task force, or did he mean things would be different if he had never left the Navy full time?

    The wheelchair race sort of annoyed me. no one in the hospital attempted to stop them or tried to help the post surgical patient off the floor. (loved the glare Steve gave Danny after he fell). I guess no more unbelievable than their stamina to go to work the same day they were discharged. I was pleased that Danno was the winner of the race.

    I loved the dark, weighty end of this episode. Was the chess piece left at Steve’s actually a pawn or a larger piece? I’m not thinking the serial killer would consider him a pawn in the game. It will be interesting to see how it is addressed.


    • It wasn’t Jack Lord he died in 1998 that’s why I wondered who this man was. He did have a resemblance to him.

      I think the stranger was right…there was someone out there for Steve. I get that Catherine had to do what she did (in leaving) but if she truly loved him she would have stayed and figured something else out. It rings of what Doris did to her family; she went back into the Company (CIA) rather than quit and stay with her family….Steve didn’t need that in his life, again.

      Speaking of that I truly wonder if Catherine’s mission to save the young boy in Afghanistan was actually a mission for the CIA? You have to wonder when she was recruited; was it when Doris had the Mangosta problem? Was is after? I don’t know if we will find out but I hope the episode in which she and Doris return will answer those questions. I have never been a big fan of Catherine (so please forgive me) but I hope that “special” episode will get rid of her for good. Lynn returns so I have a feeling that Steve might have to make a decision at one point….he was true to his word…he didn’t wait for her.

      As far as the chess piece I think it was a larger piece then the pawn….if they (whomever) broke into Steve’s home they weren’t going to leave a pawn especially since he has a larger “role” in the game. I guess we will find out soon enough.


      • Le Ann

        The actor made up to kind of look like Jack Lord was Ken Matep[. The wheelchair race was more than annoying and inconsiderate of two (supposed) adults racing around the hallways of a hospital – a Naval Lt. Commander – really! The stuntman running the parkour was exceptionally good, enjoy watching guys do that, although as said above, it was a bit too long. NO ET would wrap ‘Steve’ up as shown. Lots to look forward to (except his ‘mother’ showing up). Alex looks really great.


  10. kathysr

    The apparition is an homage to the original Steve McGarrett, the late Jack Lord. It feels like Steve’s talking to a ghost. I loved the original show and watched it for 12 years. The two McGarretts are amazingly similar. The original McGarrett was a former Naval Officer, an extreme loner,100% married to his job and not emotionally involved with anyone. He had three brief love interests in 12 years! So it’s funny that the apparition was married for 45 years, because the real McGarrett sure wasn’t.

    Catherine was the love of Steve’s life, but after she left the Navy, she began to lie to him and leave him for secret missions. He clearly still loves her. I hope that someone new will come into his life and Steve will fall deeply in love with her. I really would love to see Steve fall madly in love with someone. Lynn feels like a friend and a casual bed partner. But Steve could be holding back, too, and just not letting himself fall in love with her. Catherine crushed his fragile heart.

    I thought Steve was really threatened by the chess piece. Someone invaded his home. Does it mean that he’s a future intended victim?

    The wheelchair scene was really funny but ridiculous. In a military hospital, someone would have stepped in and stopped that nonsense really quickly. I suspect that Steve challenged Danny to the race. I’m glad Danny won! I’m Team Danny a lot. lol, Danny gets all the great love scenes. Aren’t we hungry for some gorgeous Steve love scenes? We haven’t had any since the very first year or two with Catherine. Not fair!


    • lindae5o

      I don’t know if the chapel man introduced himself as Jack Lord. If he did, I didn’t catch it. Regardless, he probably was married to his wife Marie, for 45 years.


      • kathysr

        Hi Linda. I’m talking about the fictional character, not the actor. The original McGarrett was never married during the series. He was single and intensely solitary. He lived to catch the bad guys, just like our Steve McGarrett does today. I know that Jack Lord was very happily married to Marie for 45 years. They had a very beautiful love story.

        I really loved the original show. I was emotionally drawn to Jack Lord, an intensely private, fascinatingly mysterious and unknowable person. There are many hauntingly beautiful episodes which I still vividly remember, 48 years later. And two of McGarrett’s three major love interests were named Kathy. lol, he had good taste!


  11. kathysr

    Best news of all? The show got 10.05 million viewers, the highest premiere numbers since Season Two, and 1.7 million more viewers than last year’s premiere episode. MacGuyver got 10.49 million, so a lot of those people stayed to watch the show.


  12. Ally

    I love coming to this site for the beautiful pics! This episode somewhat reminds me of the first couple of seasons that focused on the “team family”. The crime and action was good. I liked the McDanno scenes a little bit more this episode because toward the end they kind of softened up towards each other.

    Just my two cents (it’s just an opinion). I don’t even know where to begin. A lot of people are up in arms about Catherine breaking Steve’s heart. Steve’s job is not the issue. It’s Steve! Steve has abandonment issues and he holds back. He and Catherine dated off and on for years even before the show started. They couldn’t even define the relationship so she really had no expectation of a commitment. She was a career military woman that enjoyed her career and retired without having a fallback plan. I thought this was annoying. When Steve left the Navy he had a job in place. When Billy left he knew he was about to start his own private security firm, but not the career Navy woman. I’ve never fully liked the way they’ve written her character.

    I agree with Aunt Deb he’s willing to risk his life, but not his heart. He thinks he did, but he didn’t. I think Steve will either have to work on his issues or meet that person that makes him want to throw caution to the wind and dive headfirst into the relationship. CGI Steve has a point in saying that maybe she wasn’t the right woman. When most men find the one that they feel they can’t possibly live without they are pretty quick to stake a claim. He’s been with Catherine off an on for at least 7 years an he’s still not 100% sure? Of course my two cents believes that the core of any long-lasting relationship is balance. They are too much alike and love being in action. He’s been without an actual home since he was 15 or 16. He has a house to live in, but not a true home. Grover and his wife are the best example the writer’s have given of balance. When he leaves the job he has a home and family to come home to, but his wife can be strong when necessary and she’s capable of putting him in his place.

    I’ve wondered about Catherine and the CIA. I always thought that maybe while searching for the boy in Afghanistan she ended up on the CIA’s radar for her resourcefulness and they made her an offer. I wonder if her calling Steve and telling him to move on with his life because she had made a life for herself teaching in Afghanistan was a lie due to taking a job with the CIA. I also hate that the writer’s went the teaching route since Doris was also a teacher. Too many mommy similarities. Only time will tell what lies ahead, but with the season opener 5-0 is looking promising again.


  13. Regina Filange

    I have been a supporter of Steve and Catherine from the first I saw them together. I for one think they look great together. They both seemed married to their jobs. Which is probably why Steve never fully committed to the whole marriage thing in until last season. I was heartbroken for him when she left. I cried that episode😥. He does have abandonment issues that he has to work through to be able to fully commit to someone. I got to thinking about this last episode, the way Catherine left, and the way Steve found out his mom worked for the company. You have to wonder if they wrote Catherine the same way. What if being in the Navy was all just a front for her, like teaching was for him mom. Maybe Catherine has been in the company the whole time. Even when Steve was captured in Afghanistan and he came home and she called him saying that she got a lead to where Najib was…I’m thinking she had already found him and she already assigned to another mission and that she’d been worked big with his mother the whole time. I know it’s a crazy theory that we may never find the answer to. I for one would like to see them get back together. Although she has a lot of work to do if she wants to rebuild the trust after she left the last time.
    Now to what I thought of the episode. I was so excited to watch this episode I could have jumped through the walls of my house. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the poorly executed CGI of Jack Lord. However I did like the message that he was telling Steve. I loved the wheelchair race between him and Danny and I thought the race through the streets was fabulous. Loved the shirtless scene so early in the season. I hope that there is more of them to come.😜. I’ve done a lot of reading about the upcoming episodes of this season. EP Lenkov says that there will be more story arcs which is what I really like. Brings us back to earlier seasons. We’ll just have to see how the season unfolds. It definitely was a great start and much better than last years season opener. I’m hoping things get amped up for the 150th episode which is what I’m really looking forward to.
    It’s nice to be back in the swing of things with the new season.
    Cheers to an all new season of Hawaii Five-0 and to hoping we see Alex in as little clothing as possible😏😋😏


  14. Lynne Grady

    Well, so glad the season premier got such high viewership and ratings. I totally agree with Ally and joyfuljaj above . Great supposition ladies!
    I read about Peter L’s CGI ‘dream’ and the legal hoops he had to jump through to get this done; this season premier wasn’t even when he wanted to use this technology and honor Jack Lord. I don’t think it was terrific, but it was effective and I knew who it was right away. He gave Steve strong advice.
    I don’t understand the statement ” it’s taken everything away from me.” What has it taken away from him? HIs job at 5-0 didn’t make Catherine leave- Catherine and her external forces made Catherine leave.
    I want nothing else but for our guy to find a NORMAL woman, who will enjoy love and happiness with this complex man.
    He does love people but in his own sort of screwed up guarded way. ( I’d love to teach him how to really open himself up heehee).
    Being a former Navy nurse- those wheelchair antics NEVER would have been tolerated. I can see why they wanted to lighten the mood however….
    Why did Steve have to be in a wheelchair to begin with in the chapel? Not necessary- unless they were trying to really play up the vulnerable side.
    Anyway- NO ONE on all feeds anywhere has commented on Steve’s tan line on his left hand ring finger in the chapel. WATCH it again, you see his left hand twice and both times he has a tan line. Now either makeup didn’t think of it or the lighting picked it up funny- OR it was part of the message.
    Not sure….
    I was wondering how they were going to pull in the transplant: they did address drinking- they showed Steve taking meds- good for them- and then in true TV fashion he goes from vulnerable wheelchair , wheelchair race to jumping off buildings and through windows- crazy! But I enjoyed seeing him – I watched it a second time over the weekend trying to see if I missed anything- they did do a great set up for the season.
    As an aside – SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to see Danny/Scott show up for SOTB! That was epic! So wish I were there. Can’t wait to go back to my Hawaii someday…. dreaming….Your terrific pics and your efforts to report on our favorite Oahu resident are totally awesome and thank you for all of your hard work.


  15. kathysr

    Ally, Regina, Lynne,

    I agree with all of your analyses of Steven McGarrett. You’re amazingly accurate and perceptive. OMG, I never had the thought: Did Doris recruit Catherine into the CIA? I think when Catherine was in the Navy, she really was doing high level Naval Intelligence work, not working in the CIA. If true, this is a huge betrayal for Steve. I personally detest Doris. I’d like to strangle her for the damage she’s done to her son, but she’d dispatch me in five seconds, trained assassin that she is. Catherine and Doris are both in episode 150, all dressed in black. Think maybe they’re going to recruit Steve into yet another dangerous covert mission? I do. And Wo Fat’s father is also in the episode. The mind boggles.

    Steve’s a control freak. Control has been his survival technique to overcome the emotional trauma, loss and chaos he’s experienced throughout his life. He’s the ultimate survivor. His life has been all about honor, duty, sacrifice, missions, secrets, lies, chaos, betrayal and survival. Both of his careers, as a Navy Seal and as the Head of Five-O, are all about catching the bad guys and surviving to fight another day.

    Most of Steve’s loved ones are full of secrets and lies. Steve lives in a very lonely place. His life has been filled with physical and emotional abandonment, trauma, murder, death and loss. The core people in Steve’s life continually lie to him. Doris is a piece of work. Forget agent, I think she runs the CIA! She’s tortured and murdered people. She can disappear and stay hidden forever. Wow, hi MOM! Who IS this woman? She’s lied to him his entire life and faked her own death for 20 years. Think McGarrett might have some major mother issues and major trust issues with women? Joe White, who loves Steve like a son, has continually lied to him about Doris. So, Steve has learned not to believe or trust Joe, someone who’s been a surrogate father for much of his life. Catherine was a wonderful partner when she was in the Navy. But now that she’s a civilian, she’s doing covert operations and she’s lying to Steve about what she’s doing and where she is. And she continually leaves him. His sister Mary’s a sweetheart, but she’s not always truthful. And even his late father, John McGarrett, kept secrets from Steve.

    Danny is Steve’s True North, his emotional compass and his best friend. Danny has nothing to gain, no angles to play, no hidden agenda. He’s a good human being who loves Steve and wants what’s best for him. And Danny always tells Steve the truth, whether he wants to hear it or not. Usually NOT! Steve usually drowns Danny out, but some of Danny’s wisdom actually does penetrate Steve’s very thick skull.

    It’s time for Steve McGarrett to have a serious love interest who actually resides in the same zip code, not someone who constantly goes on assignments for months or years at a time. He never really had a normal relationship with Catherine. They were only together a few weeks or months at a time before one or both of them left on assignments around the world. Steve has never known what it’s like to have a long-term intimate relationship with someone who’s present 100% of the time and who lives in his house. Intensely solitary Steve will have to make some huge emotional and physical accommodations to create that kind of relationship. If he truly wants it. Does he?


  16. I am back from vacation and Steve is back. And with him your wonderful gifs and pics. I love the last one despite its ‘blueness’ lol. The chess piece arc is great!
    As for the episode I loved the chapel scene because I simply concentrated on Alex. He was amazing. But show should stop this CGI thing. Lord have mercy and take the robocop and the elephant along to Lynn island to sit around a nice and cooling CGI bonfire.
    The wheelchair race was completely annoying, esp. Danny’s smug smile after making a recent organ recipient crash land on the floor with an IV pole. Only to yell at him to take it easy later on. Double standard.
    But it is not about him it is about Steve. And he looked absolutely stunning. Your gifs proove it! Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. joyfuljaj

    It was interesting to come back and read opinions of when Catherine started working for the CIA. I have thought that while she was working in Afghanistan, they found out and “helped” her with the agreement she would work for them. Otherwise, they could have let the military know of her unsanctioned op (since Steve wouldn’t tell them). Maybe CIA would not have communicated with the military, but even without that part, I assumed they made some sort of threatening deal. Of course, Doris is pulling some strings somewhere.
    As far as who is at fault for the demise of McRoll, both Steve and Catherine are. Catherine has not been honest with him, but good grief, it has taken him years to make a commitment. Whether they end up together or not (I hope they do), I want to see them have a long talk with all the truth. Somewhere I did read that Catherine is one who encourages Steve in 150 to give his mother a chance considering the good memories he has of her. It will be interesting to see their exchange since there won’t be time to cover both McMom and McRoll. My fear is the show won’t take all the time that both plotlines need to be concluded. Of course, there will still be almost 20 hours of show let to finish them.


    • kathysr

      Doris is devilish, devious, duplicitous! That woman is bringing danger back INTO Steve’s life with the upcoming covert operation, this time centering around Wo Fat’s father. Here we go again!I Catherine may have been recruited into the CIA when she went to rescue the son of the family who had saved her life in Afghanistan. For me Catherine started acting very out of character by suddenly doing rogue covert ops. Her actions and behavior didn’t mesh with her 20+ years in the Navy, nor with the Catherine we saw for four years.

      It took Steve forever to make a commitment, but Catherine seemed very happy with their arrangement. She certainly didn’t complain about it. Maybe she liked it just the way it was and didn’t want to marry him. Who knows? Her abrupt and mysterious departure crushed Steve’s very fragile heart. He was so happy and excited about marrying her. Sigh, timing is everything in this world.

      Steve’s a tough Seal, but when it comes to affairs of the heart, he’s very fragile and easily wounded. Which is why he doesn’t go there. Really, he had no role models in his life of how to behave. His mother “died” when he was 15 and then his father immediately sent him away to school. So he’s been on his own since the tender age of 16. He’s very emotionally stunted. His closest emotional connections were his fellow Seals. I don’t think the guy was around a lot of women in romantic environments, so seriously, how would he learn to be romantic? As Alex has said in many interviews, Steve is a deeply wounded, damaged human being. He’s most alive and comfortable when he’s in Seal mode.

      I hope they don’t neatly wrap up everything with Doris and Catherine in this one episode. I hope they just intrigue us for more things to come in the future.


      • Ally

        At the risk of having an unpopular opinion I think Steve’s rush to a marriage proposal was more due to his abandonment issues. AOL has mentioned the issues the character has with being abandoned. Catherine came back after a year and he went straight to buying a ring before they had a chance to really talk. I was bothered when she came by for lunch in episode 2 and the big case prevented him from having lunch with her last year. He went back into the same relationship routine. When he was on the boat with Danny he was quick to say that if she was leaving then he wasn’t going to even bother to propose to her. I never liked that Catherine retired in her 30’s with no back up plan for her future after a long career in the military. She clearly enjoys her work as much as Steve does so when given the opportunity to do something she enjoyed I see nothing wrong with her taking off on him. I don’t think there was any expectation of a full commitment and they’ve dated for many years. Although 5-0 is about Steve as a woman I will not put all the blame for Steve’s broken heart on Catherine. He’s only capable at this time of giving so much of himself as with many people suffering with abandonment issues. This eventually causes their relationships to end, reinforcing the abandonment beliefs that they have. I thought it was interesting when she told Danny she had no idea how much her leaving hurt Steve. Even Catherine is unable to read him completely.

        Maybe it’s because I know that AOL is capable of putting so much range into any character he plays, I see Steve as a more complex person. I see the character of Steve as more complex than what PL is willing to put in the script as it would take away from the fun and fast-paced aspect of the show. In PL’s Hawaii 5-0 we have beautiful island scenes and cool cops that always get the bad guys. It’s my hope that with episode 150 Steve can will find some kind of peace in his relationship with Doris that will allow him to move forward. Steve being able to move forward will help to address some of his issues and find someone to commit to. I’m not really invested in any of the relationships he’s been in probably because I mainly watch it to see the handsome men. The fairytale girl in me would love for Steve to be a man that only has one true love in his life and return to her, but the realist in me knows that we can connect meaningfully and fall in love with others allowing us to eventually move. Some people are meant to be in our lives for a season and others for a reason. What will be will be.


        • Kathysr

          You’re right, Ally. Steve was extremely unrealistic to assume that Catherine would marry him after she’d spent 18 months following a career that fulfilled her. Danny always wants Steve to be happy so he pushed hard for the proposal. Sometimes we do things because we’re pressured by our friends and loved ones to do them. And they aren’t the wisest things to do. So Steve was headed for a huge letdown, largely of his own making.

          I love your analysis of his abandonment issues. The guy was totally physically and emotionally abandoned by 16. So he emotionally bonded with his Seal team members and then with his 5-O team members. He’s never had a role model of how to have an intimate relationship with a woman.

          Alex does play Steve as a fascinatingly complex and largely mysterious character and Steve withholds so much of his emotions. I’m not sure Steve even knows what emotions he’s feeling. When you stuff them down deep for your entire life, you really can’t even recognize them and you don’t know what to call them. Remember when he told Danny that he was raised in a family where it was a sign of weakness to show any emotions. So even before he lost his family, he was living in an emotionally very barren environment. You just keep your feelings to yourself.


          • Ally

            My post was so long I cut some of my thoughts off. The major thing I like about Steve is that on paper and on the outside he’s the perfect man, but as you spend more time with the character you see that he’s flawed and imperfect. He has major issues, but underneath it all he has a heart of gold.

            I agree about the home he grew up in. I also don’t think Doris was the cuddling type of mom. I think some of her issues now are that she assumed that she would “die” and John being a take-charge man would pull the family together. Instead her death destroyed it and she can see it’s really affected her children and how their behaviors have changed.. I think her avoidance has a lot to do with guilt and not wanting to see the disappointment in Steve’s eyes. I think he has that affect on a lot of people, although not purposely. I remember Mary visiting their father’s grave and telling him that she was upset because she passed by his room and John was crying. She was mad because she mad John cry, so I assume the lack of emotion is a family norm.

            I do think that Danny was so excited that Catherine was back and it was going to make Steve happy that he encouraged him without having the buddy talk asking him to think and at least have a talk with Catherine before he made the big leap to marriage. I also think the relationship problem between the two of them stems from Danny projecting his feeling about his reckless brother Matt on Steve considering how it ended with Matt getting killed. When they showed the episode years ago with his brother the first thing I thought was that although Danny loved his brother, he had a better and more trusting sibling relationship with Steve. I do think the day Danny stops complaining and just let’s Steve go wild without commenting will be the day that Steve’s feelings are hurt because he no longer cares, so I’m willing to put up with the bickering..


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