#H50 SOTB Premiers – Fabulous #AlexOLoughlin

I actually occasionally slip and type “Alex” instead of “Steve” when I’m writing. 

They’re one and the same to me now.  I just couldn’t ask for anything more than what Alex brings to the table for “Steve”. 

When you have an actor who can play the comedy, play the action, play the heart, it just gives the freedom to fully explore a complicated character like McGarrett

It allows me to push further than I ever thought I could with that character, and I can’t imagine being able to do that with anyone but Alex.

– Peter Lenkov (Oct 2012)

From My Take on ……

HAWAII FIVE-0 Season 3 Underway with a Bang!

by Cheryl Hollar

Picture from SOTB 2010
sotb 2010 alex

SOTB 2011
sotb 2011 arrit

SOTB 2012
sotb 2012 n2

SOTB 2013
sotb 2013 n

SOTB 2014


SOTB 2015

sotb 2015 ernsand 1



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13 responses to “#H50 SOTB Premiers – Fabulous #AlexOLoughlin

  1. vanduyn

    I’ve never read that before! That’s awesome and so true!! Thanks for the beauties too 🙂


  2. Wow. I never heard him praise his lead actor like that. What a rare occasion. Thank you so much for posting this, never seen it before.


  3. I too have never heard or read that comment before thanks for posing it Paula. ((hugs)) Love the pics of our man too. ♥
    It goes to show how wonderfully talented Alex is at brining any character to life. We believe they are real so the writers are free to fully bring their vision of that character to the screen. They must get just as if not not more tingly then we do watching him work his magic. ♥


  4. Great tribute from Peter, new also to me 🙂 Thank you


  5. lindae5o

    Thanks, Paula and Foyeur !! I can never get enough of that beautiful
    face !!!


  6. Gail Lessard

    What a lovely compliment.


  7. Thanks Ladies Wonderful pictures and a great quote from Peter!!!


  8. cwtshjan

    New one to me too. It’s wonderful that Peter appreciates his leading man as much as we do. Great pics of our handsome devil. Thanks girls.


  9. Magnólia

    Lindas fotos! Peter deve muitos elogios a Alex!🎸


  10. gracenotpark

    Huh. PLenkov said that 4 years ago and none of us ever read it before? I wonder who he double-secret-probation whispered it to…and kudos, Paula, for rooting it up into the light!

    He doesn’t publicly (was this meant to be public?) praise his perfect star very often. Glad to see he DOES get the treasure he has. Lord knows we’ve all said this about Alex many many times. ❤


  11. I’m with everyone here, never saw this Peter quote before, thank you for giving us this along with the ‘pretties!’ If you have the H5-0 DVDs from each season, and you watch the episodes with the commentaries on, Peter is always very complimentary of Alex as are the ones with directors, writers, other exec. producers and of course the other actors. When Alex is present for these commentaries and he receives a compliment, he’s so gracious and usually passes that compliment on to someones else as well.


  12. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    He hasn’t change in 5years


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