Steve for the day – #AlexOLoughlin got so cold


I think we shot 7 days on the water. And they’re long. They’re sort of minimum 12 hours a day.

Scott and I were, in that sort of 6 by 3½ Ft dingy for most of it, I think you know. And in and out of the water to. Like I had to jump in and out of the water and ……

I mean, it’s Hawaii and it’s beautiful to a certain extend, but it’s …. at a certain point you do get cold and you do ….. And so whatever, its. Its …  ah….. even thinking of that week, I’m like my brain is starting to freeze up.

And I start to feel hypothermic, you know. It was, it was tough.

Alex at the press day in 2012

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5 responses to “Steve for the day – #AlexOLoughlin got so cold

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  2. It was a fun episode but it must have bee difficult to shoot


  3. kathysr

    That was a really hard episode to shoot. Out in that tiny little dingy for seven days? UGH! Bobbing all over the ocean? I’m getting sea sick just thinking about it. I loved the episode too, the wonderful interaction between Steve and Danny.
    Alex did an interview about the 100th episode, where McGarrett kills Wo Fat. Every time I watch it, I’m astonished by how physical it is, how intensely and relentlessly the two actors try to kill each other. The fight choreography is spectacular. Alex said that they 100% did their own stunts in that episode. He said that he was cold and wet in that episode. That room was disgusting. it was filthy. It could have harbored all kinds of germs and bacteria, as he sat in, stood, rolled around and fought in those filthy, stagnant pools of water for days at a time. He said that he got really seriously ill from that shoot. He probably caught a horrible virus or serious respiratory infection.
    Alex performs the most intense physical action scenes that I’ve ever seen on episodic TV. He’s amazing. Just keep safe, Alex. Don’t injure yourself again.


  4. cwtshjan

    Yeah I agree too. Of course if he needs warming up he only needs to ask me. No problem at all!!!


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