#H50 memories – season beginnings, faces

Just to kill time till we get to 7.01, decided to have a look at season openers so far. Going for the first faces, sort of. As many remember, seasons used to start with a bang and excitement, till 5.01 and 6.01 just lacked the tension. But being Alex fans, we just want to see his face back on our screens, it never disappoints 🙂

Ps I will continue with other categories, can´t really leave out the other yummy treats 😉


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7 responses to “#H50 memories – season beginnings, faces

  1. vanduyn

    I think Season 2 premiere was my favorite. Alex looked wonderful. Very exciting story line as well. I did like season 5 but definitely not on par with the others. Season 6 was the worst! Thanks for the yummy gifs 🙂


  2. buttercup4u

    Just to say, I loved all of them!!
    But s1 just gives me the all of it, the creeps, the ovaries-explosion, and the faint-leg feels!


  3. gracenotpark

    LOL! I’m with you, Paula, on the seasons ratings, but his face is a wonderful place to start any season, even the last two more dreary ones. Fingers crossed the old mojo comes back to the writers this season. But more importantly, here’s hoping for lots of McG close ups. 😀


  4. Season 1.01 face was so thrilling just because we got to see Alex as Steve for the first time. So seriously handsome in that uniform *thud* This was NOT your daddy’s H5-0.
    Season 2.01 is still my favorite face ’cause he sure rocked the convict orange with the perfect amount of scruff. UNF


  5. Mary Lou

    Excellent clips – thank you :). The only one I didn’t think it was worthy of a premier tag was season 6. It was good still but not exciting enough. I think even Alex mentioned in interviews that it was ‘different’. On the bright side the clips for 7.01 look amazing. On the downside we’ll have to wait until December in the Uk to see it 😦


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