Running Up The Mountain – #AlexOLoughlin Keeping Fit

“During the run I’ll stop and drop straight to lunges,” he says.

“Running is my cardio preference.”

Whether or not father knows best, O’Loughlin remembers what being a 10-year-old brown belt meant to him and has high hopes for his son.

And for himself — since he’s determined to stay healthy and live long.

“I don’t know what pushes me out of bed some days,” he says.

“But … there’s something really validating about reaching the top of a mountain and looking back.”

And after that?

“You enjoy the view,” he says.

“And then you walk down.”

– Alex O’Loughlin

Men’s Fitness

August 2011

Alex O'Loughlin



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14 responses to “Running Up The Mountain – #AlexOLoughlin Keeping Fit

  1. ‘The Tao of Alex!’ He has such a wonderful take on life, which is evident with this statement:
    ‘I don’t know what pushes me out of bed some days,’ he says. ‘But … there’s something really validating about reaching the top of a mountain and looking back.’
    And after that?
    ‘You enjoy the view,’ he says. ‘And then you walk down.’
    You don’t get much more zen than this!!


  2. I just love his way of thinking 🙂


  3. Alex is such a beautiful person inside and out. His perspective on life and how he lives it is inspiring. ♥ He’s gonna be around a long long time. ♥


  4. gorgeous picture and i agree ith all comments.


  5. “How does Alex O’Loughlin prep for his second season as Steve McGarrett on last year’s breakout CBS show Hawaii Five-O? The same way he approaches everything. He works his ass off.”

    That´s impressive and inspiring. Alex´s mindset is absolutelly something I want to take as a role model. But on the other hand, it can also get you in trouble because everybody has his or her absolute limitations based on genetics (o.k. I know, there are people who don´t accept this) and if you push too hard, it will damage you and maybe in a fatal way. It´s good to try to push your limits but imo at one point you have to stop or you break with severe consequences. Alex did a whole lot in H5O and I still wonder, how he was able to work with injuries. I respect that dedication and investment a lot and as I wrote, he inspires me because of his mindeset (including what he said in his PacBleu interview) but it´s also scary in a way because if you push too hard you can get really hurt – although I think, most people don´t even come close. So where are your limits and is it desireable to just push?
    Love that interview. It´s really interesting and Alex is an intelligent man who would be interesting to talk to.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      Are you sure your comment should be here? I’m trying to match it with this post and cannot. Of course, it’s Sunday, and on Sundays I don’t make any intellectual effort as a healthy rule. So, do tell me!


      • Well yes and no. When I wrote my comment I saw another article online on this page on which I commented. It was the original article of “Men’s Fitness” that you can read on the link above and a different comment by Foyer or Paula. I have no idea what happened with that `heavily scatching head”. I guess, they were playing around a bit with the blog. So you are right. But what I wrote is still true for me.


        • LOL.
          Whenever I add a link for another old article in here, WP posts that link as a comment. I normally delete those comments immediately. I forgot to do that today.
          You commented because of that link but after I deleted it, it seemed to have landed back here and not on that link’s page.
          Not sure how it happened, but it did. 😀


          • Oh well. THAT was it. LOL. Never mind. It was an interesting article which I didn´t know yet. You know, it´s NOT nice to confuse people. Especially not on a sunday. 😛 😉 Thank you for posting this. 🙂


            • Kathysr

              It’s a great comment no matter which article you’re replying to. Welcome to the site and thank you for adding new energy and excitement here. I enjoy your comments. I found this spectacular site in July 2016 and have been happily posting ever since.


            • Cassiopea 1000

              I see. Life is complicated enough without WP behaving like a bratty computer troll! I’ve not understood one word of what FOYeur explains, but never mind. As I usually love all your comments, I will love this one as well, even if it is out of context 😜!

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