Fun #H50 treat for the day

With Foyeur´s post of new-old pics, I started going through FB searching for other treats, and came across this one.  Just a bit of fun made with H50. Already from 2011.

Credit: MVPN

Tonight’s the last episode of the season for HAWAII FIVE-O! We wanted to thank the cast and crew for filming in our offices with two fan videos. Our second video shows just how discreet the mvnp staff was during the shoot. Aloha Five-O. See you next season!


Ps. Suddenly everyone is searching madly for new, old pics. They are popping up all over social mediaglasses-smiley



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13 responses to “Fun #H50 treat for the day

  1. Mary

    These digs to others who run sites or pages in the fandom are starting to get old. No other fansite or page does them. They just share openly. Sharing is caring.


    • LOL – I honestly don’t know what you are implying or what you mean?
      Or maybe you just lost your sense of humour somewhere?
      Fangirling is about having fun. Please don’t come here trying to steal our fun …..


    • Not sure if you are referring to us mentioning the non-crediting pic/post sources, some individuals seem to do it, sometimes those fans need reminding. I personally would love to know original source of a pic I haven´t seen before.


      • Mary

        Yes the ORIGINAL source we do want to see and is even required. Just saying not all find the digs as fun. Not trying to “steal” anything. (that does seem to be a running theme here though.
        Enjoy the site just not the digs.


        • My post didn´t have any digs, that is why I don´t get your comment. My last sentence meant I find it funny, that today lots of new old pics have come up, there is no hidden meaning there.


  2. Karen

    Oh that video was funny!


  3. kathleen8265

    Hee that video is funny. Can’t say I’ve seen it before thanks for posting. 😀 ((hugs))


  4. gracenotpark

    How delightful that folks are posting old new pics or new old pics…LOL! Whatever churns up more McG works for me!

    And yeah I dunno what Mary is even talking about but the fact y’all got fandom looking for oldies but goodies is a wonderful thing, with a few weeks STILL to go before all the new-new pics that’ll come with the S7 premiere.

    And this video is hilarious! Don’tcha just know this must actually happen sometimes? LOLOL!!!! ❤

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    • Thanks, you got it. More fans looking for pics means more found and more fun for us all 🙂
      I bet that video is quite true in many places, they just made a fun, simple edit . Great sense of humor in that office 😀


    • vanduyn

      Exactly what I’m thinking. I don’t think it’s implied there’s a down side to more people looking for Alex pics. Personally I’m not sure at all Mary gets it??
      Loves it girlies!! Keep up the good work 🙂

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  5. OMG the video is hilarious! Although I don’t know if my reflexes would be still that quick if Alex is around. I think I would be awestruck, grinning like an idiot.
    And holy Mary in a hula skirt, maybe it’s my English, I don’t get what she wanted to say. But all I can say all Alex’ fans are deeply happy and grateful for everyone looking for and sharing new oldies or old newbies or whatsoever. More Alex, more fun.

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  6. lipstx4evr

    I think I figured it out. Dig isn’t being used in the sense of saying something rude about other sites. It’s being used as digging/searching for pictures. It seems to be a problem of syntax. That’s my 2 cents, and the situational moderator coming out in me.

    Love the video! This is my little slice of happiness every day, where I can be a fan girl for a few minutes and forget about everything else.

    Spread the love ❤.

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