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#AlexOLoughlin Birthday Week

Alex’s birthday week is always a highlight for me in the events around his life, but unfortunately because of “real life” I still missed out on most of it during this week. Today I started to catch up with everything that happened in the last month and at the moment I plan to do a post of the whole months’ events for next week. I am looking forward to see what happened during this time of my absence, and hopefully will be able to find all the gems posted during this month and share it with you here. It should not be too difficult, because Paula already posted most of it on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and kept you up to date.

Things like this great video of the cast and crew singing to Alex on his birthday, and him blowing out the candles on his domino cake:

Thank you to those who posted and shared it for us al to enjoy (It originally came from @rosesitaguzman via juliehawaii )

  • During the time running up to Alex’s birthday the fans from Fans for Donate Life again started a fundraising campaign and Alex acknowledged it on his own Facebook page:

Alex O’Loughlin (5 August) Thank you to the fans who created a fundraising page for my favorite charity, Taylor’s Gift in honor of my upcoming birthday. I’m very proud of the work Taylor’s Gift does to help families touched by organ donation and honored to be a spokesperson for them. Here is the fundraising link if you want to check it out and support. https://www.classy.org/fundraise?fcid=725115

Alex - 10 Nov 2012

  • And again Alex commented during this week:

Alex O’Loughlin (25 August) I had a great birthday! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and for the great support of my favorite charity, Taylor’s Gift from all over the world. Looks like the fan support fundraising page is almost at their fundraising goal, so if you want to still help out, please click here: https://www.classy.org/fundraise?fcid=725115 Thank you for all you do to support me and Taylor’s Gift Foundation.


Please remember that when celebrities support a specific cause, and even when fans set up or share a fundraising campaign for it, they do not expect people to feel guilty or obliged to do so if they can’t give. They just set up a platform for those people who do have the will and the means to do so. In my opinion it is also a far better way of giving somebody like Alex something for his birthday, than to send him a personal gift.

For myself, I rather support charities closer to home, where there are far greater need and where my money is worth more. But that does not mean I should not share those causes which Alex support.

It seems that the campaign is still running up until 31 August. So if you do have the means and the will to support one of Alex’s causes, you can still do so as a birthday gift to him …….

Alex BTS

Hope you all have a good fun-filled Alex week!



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