Gif for the day – confused #SteveMcGarrett

Oh no…he can´t decide. Chocolate or buttercream? Tic, toc…





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14 responses to “Gif for the day – confused #SteveMcGarrett

  1. I will help him! Choose both Steve 😉


  2. Take both,,,and add some ice cream too.


  3. vanduyn

    I can only think of licking it off him whichever he chooses 🙂 Or is that just me?? 😉


  4. ♥ Oh how I love the subtle changes in his expressions they speak volumes.♥
    I agree with Manu “Choose Both” just keep Kono away from his slice with the salt shaker. Ya don’t want a mouth full of that little prank again. LOL 😀


  5. Don’t click to enlarge! Attention Attention. Don’t click to enlarge. DON’T!
    You did it? Didn’t I warn you?
    This expressive face… just kill me now…


  6. I vote for both, then as a final touch, whipped cream that I will gladly lick off his body. Oh, how wonderfully naughty! See what this man does to me.


  7. They are always awesome but this one in particular with the furrowed brow….yummo.


  8. buttercup4u

    I can’t think of anything more perfect!!!


  9. Karen

    Love the Gif!! Thank you.


  10. Ann

    Real life domestic violence is out here in the real world I lost everything it broken girls available bin adopted life is cruel people say it wot u make it but that’s not always the case


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