Sight for the day – #AlexOloughlin has the most beautiful eyes

Franck: Last question. How do you wish to see, not right now, but when the show end – What you wish is for Steve, for the last episode for Steve, to go, to be, to do?

Alex: Wow, I never thought. I hope that that’s a long time away, but …….oh man.

Franck: Like something peaceful or something dramatic? Knowing the character?

Alex: No, I think that it would have to be that he find some sort of peace, with everything – his dad, his mom, with everything the way it’s all gone down. He’s had a lot of loss that guy. He’s lost a lot of family, so I think it have to be him coming to a place of resolution and peace, a place where he can live forever, calm.

– Alex O’Loughlin



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6 responses to “Sight for the day – #AlexOloughlin has the most beautiful eyes

  1. And when that day comes I wish every happiness for McGarrett 🙂
    He definitely deserves it!


  2. gracenotpark

    I’m with Alex on this…part of me hopes we get a few more years before his bliss, another part would like to see Alex play someone else. But whenever, I do hope he ends up peaceful and happy and with all the dangers and annoyances settled.


  3. Amen to that GNP. I’m with you 100%


  4. cwtshjan

    Me too GNP, if we have to say goodbye to McG it has to be a happy one. Anything else would be too cruel.


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