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#AlexOLoughlin: #H50 ‘s Gunslinger And Handyman (2014)

This is a translation of an article in a French magazine from 2014.

TV 8 Magazine

7 February 2014

Rather a Drill than a Gun

When he stops being McGarrett and discard his weapons after shooting the show, Alex O’Loughlin pulls out his drill to restore his house.

Even if he is not ready to leave the guns in Hawaii 5-0, in real life, Alex O’Loughlin prefer to play with hammers, screwdrivers, saws and trowels to restore the house, that he bought for his family, himself.

“Wo Fat never dies” regrets Alex O’Loughlin. “I actually said to the writers lately. I told them to kill this bastard once and for all. A bullet between the eyes. But it seems that we aren’t on the same wavelength.” adds the Australian actor, laughingly. That is obvious! A bad guy like this is heaven for a procedural show like Hawaii 5-0. And he will most likely keep McGarrett and his team busy for a great number of episode.

All the more since, during the 4th season some secrets about him will be brought to light. Why did McGarrett’s mother let Wo Fat live while he was in front of her?” Until now, we haven’t had any answer to this question. But we will have an unbelievable revelation that will explain this doubtful behavior …

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Question: It seems that, when you moved to Hawaii because of the show, the adjustment wasn’t easy …

Alex: It’s true. I even tried to convince CBS to film in LA. I wasn’t convincing enough [Laughs]. So Hawaii became like a paradox for me. In one hand, I don’t have any privacy, which is a real problem for me, because I’m really protective of my private life and my kids.

On the other hand, Hawaiian people are warm. The mentality is totally different from LA, where I’m always afraid than a hysterical fan would take a picture of me while I’m having a plate of spaghetti. In Hawaii, people are cooler. They start by saying hi. They are respectful. If I take a picture with them, they are happy, if not, they don’t start insulting me.

Question: You’re under a lot of pressure with the crazy shooting schedule and the fangirls who dream of covering you with kisses … How do you deal with all this?

Alex: Fan girls who want to kiss me? Mmm, you might be confusing me with Robert Pattinson [Laughs].

The most effective way to take away the pressure, is to be with my family. My kids are most important to me and I love spending time with them. When I’m not working, I like to stay home, to think about something else while I DIY.

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Question: Are you better at holding a gun or a drill?

Alex: [Laughs] I bought a house that I have to renovate and even if I’m not great at this, I don’t listen to my friends that keep on telling me to hire professionals. I like to do everything myself. I love it so much that sometimes I take some stuff apart, just for the pleasure of rebuilding it again. I didn’t play with Lego’s enough when I was younger.

Between a gun and a drill, I’m more at ease with a drill. I prefer the holes that a drill makes, rather than the ones by guns. [Laughs]

Question: What is your lifestyle?

Alex: I practice martial arts and I spend a lot of time in the ocean. I like to do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; I discovered this sport thanks to Scott Caan (who plays Danny Williams). At first, he was so good, now I’m better than him.

Question: Is that is why you have those great abs?

Alex: It’s because I’m very careful with what I eat. My days at work, shooting Hawaii 5-0 last between 12 and 15 hours. When I go home, my kids rejoice, and I’m really happy. I love their energy. But sometimes, they use mine, the little I have left after spending hours in front of the camera.

A nutritionist recommended that I should be careful with milk products, gluten, sugar and coffee. So I started to eat some wheat cereals without sugar and organic vegetables. I changed the way I eat, because what you can find in the American supermarkets are scary: GMO products that are “made” in a place that looks like a lab more than a factory, food preservatives … ; One day, I forget some bread in a cupboard. I found it six months later and it was as fresh as the day I had bought it.

I have three kids and the idea that they eat that shit is revolting. That’s why I only buy organic food or products coming straight from the farm.


Question: How old are you’re kids?

Alex: I have two boys. Saxon who’s 16, and Lion who’s a little more than 1. I also have a stepson Spike, who is 5. My house is a man factory; it is very explosive at home, because my guys are real sticks of dynamite!

Question: Would you like to have a girl?

Alex: When Malia, my partner, was pregnant, she thought it was a girl. But when she did the ultrasound scan, we saw that the little girl … had a penis. But during the whole time I had started to imagine how it would be to be the dad of a little girl. I would have loved it. But honestly, I can’t imagine a little princess in the middle of our three monsters.

Question: How would you react if your kids want to follow your path?

Alex: I would forbid them to do this job. I would even lock then in a cupboard until they change their mind! [Laughs]

No seriously, I would explain to them how hard it is to do his job. That among 1000 beginners, only 4 finally do it for a living and that only 1 can live really well doing this job.

If you really want to become an actor, you need to accept the failure, humiliations and frustrations. Because before walking on the red carpet, the progress is long and hard, and I know what I’m talking about. I went through this too. However, if I see that deep down they want to do this job, I will support them.


Question: On Hawaii 5-0, they are plenty of action scenes. Do you do them yourself?

Alex: Stunts, I did a lot of them during the first year. Because of my dedication to my job. Also because I’m a very sporty person who loves challenges.

Then I had to take a lot of medicine to be able to work despite the pain and injuries. Scott understood everything. He has a stuntman for everything, even just to open the door of the car. He won’t do anything that could make him sweat, unlike me who loves to complicate everything.

These days I decided to slow down; I’m not as young as I was in LA. I think twice before doing a stunt. But sometimes, I let urges win. Like the day I was clinging on a helicopter taking off. I didn’t think twice. Then, the stunt boss came and told me off.

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This was translated for, and originally posted on AOLww. I am not sure who did the translation for them. I made a few changes from that translation.




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