#AlexOLoughlin Treat for Tonight – #H50 Badass #SteveMcGarrett

Question: If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Alex: I would be a honey badger, because according to Guinness Book of World Records they’re the most fearsome animal in the whole animal kingdom. They’re badass.

Kapi´o News Magazine

December 2012




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14 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Treat for Tonight – #H50 Badass #SteveMcGarrett

  1. Love this badass. 🙂 Great GIF. Thank you. It just made my night. 😉


  2. I love his very masculine strut 🙂


  3. Susan Schoppe

    Ok, then I want to be a female Honey Badger ! Loll


  4. I love Bad Ass Steve in that scene. He had NO qualms walking out of the house listening to Danny put a deserved beat down on that sick child abuser/killer.
    Alex simply has a natural sexy killer walk/strut like no other ♥ *thud* ♥


  5. Thanks for showing!


  6. Marie-Line

    Ah ah ! Yeah this ratel is a real badass, I joined a press article about it, in french, but… it’s so well writen, worth it to translate 🙂

    Connaissez-vous le ratel ? Cet animal charmant, sorte de croisement entre un putois et un gobelin enragé, est le roi, que dis-je, l’empereur du règne animal. Si le ratel laisse les projecteurs au lion, auquel il démonte d’ailleurs sa face quand il veut, c’est uniquement parce qu’il s’en fout. Le ratel, il les bouffe, vos projecteurs.


  7. Marie-Line

    I forgot : “ratel” is the french word for “honey badger”, it’s said also that it is the “psychopathe des savanes”, no translation needed, lol


  8. vanduyn

    Holy shit!! I innocently came here looking for other gifs and saw this one O.O ….. do you have any idea what this gif does to me?? Stupid question, right? My only problem with it is I’ll be watching it all day 😦 And now I forgot what gif I WAS coming to get Dammit! 😉


  9. Karen

    He is sure one badass!! Just love the thigh holster. He wears it so well.


  10. His strut is so sexy! Badass, what about good front!


  11. joyfuljaj

    does he even have a clue what he does to us?!


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