6 seasons of #H50 #SteveMcGarrett nips

Erin: So you don’t let yourself go?

Alex: I don’t let myself go.

Erin: [Laughs]

Alex: You can’t go, “So, I’ve got a shirtless scene” and you go [making ‘training’ moves]

Erin: Go, go. No carbs.

Alex: But I do try. To be perfectly honest, when I have like… when I know they are going to take my clothes off, I do kind of try to curb the French toast with syrup you know. – ET uncut 2011

6 s shirtless mcg



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11 responses to “6 seasons of #H50 #SteveMcGarrett nips

  1. Brooklyngirl

    Can’t wait for you to update this and include a nips from s7! The s2 one is my all time favorite! Happy Friday all!


  2. I like his belly button. A lot of men, even the trained ones, have an odd belly button, a big one, like a little eggcup. Ugh. Oh my I am weird.. Am I weird? 😳


  3. lipstx4evr

    Now, all I want to do is make him French Toast with syrup…😜


  4. r1015bill

    MMMM… French Toast with syrup and Alex shirtless…


  5. Magnólia

    Belo, muito belo!


  6. I’d love it if Erin would get another sit down interview with Alex. She asks a lot of good questions and gets Alex to be playful with his answers. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Lisa D

    syrup and Alex sounds good to me… 😀 I wouldn’t
    care about the “scar” although I’m sure it’s had time to “fade” ..just give us shirtless Steve


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