From 2013 – Exclusive Hawaii Five-0 First Look: See Danny’s Hot New Ride!

This is a little fun article written just after the first episode of Season 4 in 2013, mainly to introduce the new car in the show. As usual Alex is full of fun and humour. Not always sure if he is talking about Scott and himself here, or if he is referring to Steve and Danny. I presume he was talking about the two of them in real life, and that Steve actually insists on driving, because he as Alex rather drives because of Scott’s lack of skills driving a car with a stick. If that is true, it is actually kind of funny that the shows’ longest running gag of Steve always driving, stems from Alex and Scott and their real life attitude towards cars and how they drive them.

402 car 6

From: TV Guide

by Liz Raftery

402 car 4

Not everyone made it out of last week’s Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 premiere alive. Among the casualties was Danny’s (Scott Caan) beloved silver Camaro, which was blown up by Henry Ian Cusick’s terrorist ringleader. But don’t worry, he and McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) haven’t had their last cargument — and has an exclusive first look at Danny’s new wheels.

402 car 1


“We get a better one. We get a faster one,” O’Loughlin recently told about the show’s latest addition — a black five-speed Camaro. “It’s a bad bitch, man. I’ve gotten it sideways a few times. … It’s pretty amazing.”

But who will be behind the wheel primarily? “I’m not ready to let him drive it because he’s not responsible,” O’Loughlin says. “First of all, he can’t drive stick and it’s a stick. So that should be the end of this f—ing thing. But it’s not. He rides the clutch. He grinds the gears. It’s like, if he would just get a little humble and just ask me, I’ll teach him how to drive it. And when he does, I’ll give him the keys back.”



My thoughts

I think that in too many situations in the show, we as viewers (or at least some of us) take things far too seriously. The show is written by a couple of boys, made by a couple of boys and played by a couple of boys, and should be taken for the fun that it is. Because if we try to see it as something more, or that it should be award winning, or based in any reality, we might just go crazy……


They make jokes and have fun, and as with so many instances in life, we as women fans take things far too seriously. And apparently according to some, when I make fun of some of the silly stuff that they try to sell us on the show, I am writing “bitter” reviews. 

Relax, these characters are not real and the story is fiction.

Although I still regard some of the carguments in the later episodes as getting nastier and not fun entertainment to watch anymore (or maybe it never was), and some serious subjects like animal rescue and organ transplantation are dealt with too carelessly and without respect for my, I think we should in general take most of what they do as just some boys playing ‘cowboys and crooks’ and having some boyish and competitive  schoolyard fun and jokes.

Sit back and enjoy their ride …….




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13 responses to “From 2013 – Exclusive Hawaii Five-0 First Look: See Danny’s Hot New Ride!

  1. I agree completely with your ‘thoughts!’ It’s an action-adventure show with humor and some do take things waaay too seriously, they get serious when it’s called for. Mahalo. ;>)


  2. dq

    Looking at that picture, trust me, that is no boy.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Really, bitter? I think you and your Koala friend are hilarious. Don’t change, we need to be able to laugh and have some fun with all the serious things going on in the world.


    • I would not have believed it myself if I did not read it (on two occassions). Been thinking I do not understand the English language very well, if what I my writing is bitter. 😀
      And the Steve posts are only 25 out have the hunderds we do all year – why stop following the blog because of that. There are so much more of the real Alex stuff in all the other stuff. If people do not like the Steve posts, they can just not read it, and still read the other nice stuff …..


  4. Thanks for this article I don’t remember reading it.
    I didn’t know Scott couldn’t drive a stick.
    Scott should take Alex up on some lessons. Riding the clutch and grinding the gears will keep you forever a passenger. LOL 😉


  5. Sharon Stone

    Well personally, he can take me for a ride any time he likes! However it would have to be in his Chevrolet Silverado!


  6. cwtshjan

    Totally agree. If you want reality watch documentaries. We could unpick all TV cop shows, firemen shows and whatever else. I prefer to watch a pile of fun, action and especially a very handsome, sexy Aussie. We get too much RL every day.


    • Like you I also do not what documentaries, but I actually would have prefer more realism and care taken with the reality of some scenes. And me joking about the lack of it in the show in the Steve posts, is just that. But for us to get our tails in a bunch about it, will just make our lives miserable. That is why I rather just make fun of it. 😀
      I do however find it funny when people get so serious about some characters in the show. Like the SERIOUS hate for a fictional character like Cathrine. And the weird, BUT very serious believe by some that Danny and Steve are in love and should be together. When I read those stuff on the #H50 twiiter tag – I just slap my forehead and think WTF are these people talking about. Do they really believe this shit are real? 🙂


  7. karen

    I’ve never taken H50 seriously. I just watch and enjoy.


  8. cwtshjan

    Foyeur I am with you all the way.


  9. Jai-Jai

    I always operated on the assumption that Steve always had to drive because he has control issues. LOL

    I agree with dq – Steve is definitely no boy – that is ALL man, right there!!


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