Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (17 – 23 Jul 2016)

Thank you once again to everybody who posted footage from the Hawaii Five-0 set. Looks like a lot of action could be seen from a distance. Some footage might be spoilerish, but nothing that I have seen give away too much of any stories.

Life on the Set:

 raphi179 #hawaii #usa #hawaii #oahu #hawaiifive0 #stevemacgarrett #danno #honolulu #alamoana #AlexO’Loughlin #ScottCaan #travel traveler
From Raphi

hawaii_isla808  @hawaiigirl50_ outside of Hawai’i convention center near ala Wai canal.

From Isla (8)

Hawaii Isla 808 22 July ·Alex and Scott from Hawaii Five-0 in Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii Isla 808 22 July · Hawaii Five-0 action (Simulated Gunfire be filming) today… This episode 7.02 is scheduled to air on CBS, friday, September 30, 2016 at 8pm (HST). Aloha!.. I will more Hawaii Five-0 pictures tomorrow post on FB, Twitter and Instagram..

Hawaii Isla 808 Hawaii Five-0 Steve McGarrett shoot near Hawai’i Convention Center outside.


Kaigai Drama Board


News for the week:

Editing pictures from upcoming episodes:

plenkov Very special #H50 guest

Editing picture from Peter Lenkov

 Teaser clips from 7.01:

plenkov Always competitive – even getting out of the hospital –#H50

plenkov #H50 701

Several video clips from the set by Lyds,  just scroll through her timeline 🙂

Alex & Friends or Family:

juliaubrankovics Thank You✨ Mahalo @hawaiifive0cbs #hawaiifiveo #alexoloughlin #scottcaan #chrisvance #sylvainwhite @plenkov I had a fantastic time working on the show🌺 Much Aloha💋
From Julia

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • alex o’loughlin barefoot photos
  • funny faces on study
  • why doesn’t steve mcgarrett drive his own car
  • mckono kiss


goofy alex bw dl n4

Next Week:

  • They should finish the filming of Episode 7:02 during the week and start with Episode 7:03 by the end of the week. It looks like there will be many familiar guest actors during this season again.





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13 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (17 – 23 Jul 2016)

  1. Sadie

    Great post! ☺ Lot’s of Alex goodness this week.


  2. gracenotpark

    I like ClaireForlani. I hope she plays a baddie. We need a girl BigBad!


  3. Ocean

    So glad to see that Steve will still be in the the thick of the action!


  4. Karen

    Thank you for the update of life around Alex.


  5. Thanks for another great week in review. Los of goodies this week and some nice little teasers Peter let us see.
    Absolutely love the Refection Pool fan art Paula has made. All them bare chested Steve’s ready to take the plunge. Yummm 😛 ♥


  6. Thank you for the weekly update 🙂
    BTS footage and casting news are always exciting!


  7. I know there’s not much realism in a crime show like 5-0, but Steve and Danny getting released from hospital at the same time is more than ridiculous… I stopped nitpicking but this is a serious topic and it annoys me. Did they change the script? I remember reading a part of the 7.01 script PL posted and that was different, but then, breadcrumbs don’t tell the whole story.
    Love the new shirt Steve’s wearing and the 12 Noshirtsteves in one gif!


    • joyfuljaj

      omg, i had the exact same response! There have been pics of a chapel that still imply the opening scene of Steve being instrospective will occur – i assuem that is the PL post to which you refer.. There is also no way Steve would be up for a wheelchair race or chasing a baddie through traffic, but evidently you and I care a bit too much for credibility and reality. And, yeah, the light colored shirts are nice.


      • With you on wanting better handling of keeping things more real, but planning more on just having fun with it. It looks like that is what they are doing, so I will just join them. And will just go on nitpickingly having fun with it. Those who take things to seriously and think I commit heresy for doing so, sorry ……
        (So I guess my comment about those taking it “seriously”, was not those aimed at those wanting better quality, but those thinking those who criticizes anything about the show does not love it – hope that makes sense)


        • leiCa

          It makes absolutely sense. Love is saying: Try to be better. A crush is saying: you’re the bestest of the best. Pink colored glasses and all. Doesn’t last.


    • I guess we will have to see if that scene is from there release from hospital. Could be just them being there for a check-up. Oh I plan to nitpick away and have fun with Smartass Koala, otherwise I will go crazy myself. 😀
      And enjoy Alex / Steve!


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