#H50 season 7 Blessing – #AlexOloughlin smiling back at work

We pretty much missed the live streaming due to real life situations, this is a compilation of pics (the good quality ones) around the web. We appreciate all the fandom for sharing their caps 😀 Please visit FB pages of Five 0 Redux and AOLP to view loads of pics from the blessing and don´t forget to hit search #h5o on instagram or twitter.

And as a side note, Alex admitted to eating his way through Europe for a month, well Italy and France, and he still looked so slim 😉

Say hi to happy Alex back at work https://i0.wp.com/forum.superbeetles.nl/phpbb/images/smilies/sb_hangloose.gif


Credit CBS

s7 blessing cbs 5

s7 blessing ohana

s7 blessing cbs 3

s7 blessing cbs1

Credit PLenkov IG

s7 blessing pl1

Credit @kyuen105 twitter

s7 blessing kyuen1

Credit Star-Advertiser

s7 blessing staradv 1

Credit Dennis Chun FB

s7 blessing cr laura mellow



P.s Sorry if I got some credits wrong, will correct if needed.

and here´s the videos, thanks to Silvia for uploading to AOLWW youtube

This can also be viewed on HNN with more pictures

Let´s hope season 7 is off to a good start 🙂

Video From Star Advertiser:



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8 responses to “#H50 season 7 Blessing – #AlexOloughlin smiling back at work

  1. lindae5o

    The buckets of love were all for you, Alex baby !! He’s such a humble and sweet guy, and looks gorgeous, too. So glad they all enjoyed their vacation in France and Italy.


  2. Kath40

    I’m glad to have Alex back.♥ Nice to know he had a wonderful vacation in France and Italy spending it eating their way through with the family as they should when on Vaycay. 😀
    OK you heard the man “Alex has taken his shirt off.” 😀 ♥♥♥ the blessing has been given so here we GO! Season 7 is underway! ♥♥♥

    Thank you for the pics and video Paula ((HUGS)) Kath

    Liked by 1 person

  3. alex looks so rested and happy / can’t wait to see Season 7.


  4. Thank you very much for this post. I was at work when the blessing happened, so i always count on you for all the updates. I love the “smile” gif and the “wink and wave” too. But where is “the sending a kiss” gif, Paula? Pretty please?


  5. I love everything. His looks, his being there, his dedication… and his words! 😉


  6. He looks so fine! I love to hear him being interviewed because he always is so witty with his comments. Thank you for finding this. I am looking forward to Season 7. There is some talk about Catherine coming back!


  7. buttercup4u

    This is absolutely wonderful!
    Glad he had a great time and looking forward to s7, whatever will come, we will walk through 😉 !!
    He is ever so wonderful and charming in his interviews, he still manages to amaze me everytime I see his good looks and his charms!

    Liked by 1 person

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