Quote for the day – #AlexOLoughlin sowing the seeds of love

While it’s been all action for the Hawaii Five-0 team since 2010, O’Loughlin jokes it was all action behind the scenes for a while there too.

“We’re all family men now.

We had nothing else to do so we said, ‘let’s breed.’

The time has come to sow the Five-0 seed”

Alex O’Loughlin
9 February 2016

smile alex clful edit n



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6 responses to “Quote for the day – #AlexOLoughlin sowing the seeds of love

  1. Regina Filange

    I would have been ready willing and able for that job. No questions asked. 😜 Can’t wait for the taping to begin.


  2. gracenotpark

    He’s adorable. And just frikkin fun. 😉


  3. kathleen8265

    I absolutely adore Alex ♥ he is so much fun an9. 😀


  4. cwtshjan

    Wonderful sense of humour. Can’t wait for filming to start. Lots of new pics and news and sightings. It’s been a long hiatus.


  5. Robin Schmiedeberg

    I just love him since Moonlight, he so handsome you just fall in love with him. He is funny serious dramatic and down to earth. Would have loved meet him, his accent is so damn sexy.
    Love him dream of him.
    Love you handsome 💋❤️
    Robin Schmiedeberg

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