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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (19 – 25 Jun 2016)

Another hiatus week down and only 1½ more to go before we get some news from the Hawaii Five-0 set. There are so many stories that I still wanted to do during this time to keep us all busy, but unfortunately real life kept throwing me curveballs to deal with and I could not get around to doing them.

Once again I realised how great it is to have somebody special to do your fangirling with, because Paula not only helped to keep me fairly sane in real life, but also came to the party and entertained us all with some real pretty Alex goodies throughout this time – Thank you partner! ❤

Life on the Set:

  • Posting this picture from the set of August Rush, just to send one of these famously wonderful Alex O’Loughlin hugs around the world today. I surely need one, and I’m kind of sure many other would love one as well ……..
Alex & Kristen Sheridan (Director of August Rush)

Alex & Kristen Sheridan (Director of August Rush)

I have seen on many occasions when people post this picture, that they do not really know who this woman with Alex is. She is Kristen Sheridan, the director of the movie August Rush. After meeting Alex but not casting him in the lead but in a minor role (because he was not famous enough at the time), she apparently rewrote the part of Marshall (the lead’s brother) to increase Alex’s screen time in the movie.

Fan Photos:

  • Photos taken in Paris this past week:

lisa_b01 Hawaï 5-0🔥❤️ (lisa_b01 A Hôtel de Ville)

paris fans hiatus 2016

(Just a note – this is our corrected version of the original mirror picture. It is so easy to spot when people just take these edits and repost it without even mentioning us, as I have seen in the past when people do repost it with these corrections without even an inkling of acknowledgement to us)


I’m currently walking with my favorite actor here in Paris and I didn’t even know he was in Paris I’m shaking
alex hiatus 2016 paris
I’ve just met Alex O’Loughlin, it was so amazing meeting you dude, you’re the coolest.

 (The two pictures above were not found on tags and I have no idea who originally found them in order to give credit – But whoever it is, thank you very much)

News for the week:

  • The official announcement by CBS of the start of Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 on 23 September. And of course no news yet on a date for SOTB, or if it even will take place. Although I do not really doubt that they will do Sunset on the Beach again this year, one still have to think about how the fact that Nina Tassler is no longer part of CBS, will affect it.

Some Trivia for the week:

  • Yey for us (LOL) – We trended three times this week: (Although I am not sure how reliable this site is, because they just trended another site’s post from last year).


Something Pretty from other fans:

#AlexOLoughlin 4×15 #H50
From Sabrina

Alex & Friends or Family:

  • Alex and Malia in Paris. (Hope this picture will put any doubts about the family vacation together, to rest)
qpeeps Paris, France
goofy alex and malia paris 2016
Thank you for the find.
  •  This week Malia posted a few pictures on her Instagram, and this time they look like present time pictures from their holiday.
  • On the first picture it looks like Malia is wearing her beautiful diamond bracelet with her engagement ring which I have always thought was maybe a combination pair Alex gave her in 2013, before they got married. And the initials on her bag is very cute – it’s all in the small detail, I guess. I would also take a wild guess that Alex took the picture of her. 🙂
  • The third picture taken at Hetroclito restaurant, Guethary, in the Basque country, between Biarritz and St Jean de Luz

From the few pictures that we got to see from fans during Alex’s vacation, it looks like they visited quite a number of places in Italy, Spain and France the past month, and my guess is that Paris is their last stop before returning home to Hawaii soon.

Some Laughs for the week:

  • The usual         on Twitter, just with the mention of the possible return of Cath by producer Peter Lenkov …….. And the usual arrogant, brainless ones who mostly speak from their own blind hate, but then claim to speak on behalf of EVERYONE.

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • actors wants mcdanno

Sorry, but it really makes me laugh when I see people actually suggest that Alex and Scott endorse a McDanno romantic relationship on the show. It is really funny when people do not realise when Alex (and Scott) are making jokes about stuff in interviews. It normally happens when people are so desperate to believe something, that they think whatever is said in jest (even most probably at their expense), are really meant by the actors.


Next Week:

  • A Happy Birthday Wish in advance to Alex’s first-born son, Saxon, who will be celebrating his 19th birthday this July.

smile bw dl n3

Enjoy your week!



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