Quote for the day – #SteveMcGarrett´s torture

What about McGarrett? Will he ever really find his true love?

Alex O’Loughlin has his doubts. “Man, he’s a mess, poor bastard. The thing is, he’s a victim of circumstance… It’s not like he’s blowing it.”

The man who brings McGarrett to life also teases that executive producer, Peter Lenkov, has “bets going around to see how long he can torture the guy with these women.”

– News Corp Australia Network, 9 February 2016


110 mcg face bw dl n


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7 responses to “Quote for the day – #SteveMcGarrett´s torture

  1. As much as Alex tortures us with his charm 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marjorie

    Alex tortures us girls every time we see him ,he so gorgeous xx


  3. Kath40

    Oh just look at that face y’all are torturing us with. ♥ *THUD*


  4. lol thats to cute ladies hugs good topic


  5. Omg thats so funny great picture paula thank you


  6. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Cool pictures


  7. Such a gorgeous picture of Alex. Thank you. Paula.


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