Pic for the day – Perfection

What I’m discovering now that I’m no longer in my twenties. I’m not 21 anymore, I’m 33. Holy shit, though! My body’s never been better, and I’ve never felt better in my body.

Alex O’Loughlin

Time Out New York

October 2009

525 bw shirtless dl n

In 2 months Alex will be 40 – And we still think he looks better than ever before!



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11 responses to “Pic for the day – Perfection

  1. Absolutely 🙂 He gets better with age!


  2. No matter how old he gets he will always be beautiful to me ,he is PERFECTION .


  3. vanduyn

    Absolutely!! 😀


  4. lindae5o

    Those arms, that chest, that face !!! It’s all to die for.


  5. dawn russell

    In agreeance have watched Alex since 2004 and he is more handsome than before


    • Kath40

      Oh Dawn you lucky lady. So you really got to watch him come up in the world….since baby faced Jack I’m guessing? 😉 ♥


  6. Kath40

    Alex is the personification of perfection….inside and out. ♥


  7. He’s aging beautifully, inside and outside.


  8. Karen

    He is absolutely in fine form


  9. Just like a very fine expensive wine , this very fine man just keeps getting better and better.


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