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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (12 – 18 Jun 2016)

Just a note before we start this weeks post. Although we appreciate each and every comment, I will not tolerate constant comments about how yucky beards are, or how people hate tattoos. We enjoy Alex just the way he is, and because of the way he is. If you don’t like Alex for who he is, please don’t follow us. In future, people who make rude comments like that, will just be banned without warning.

The ‘real’ world out there is full enough of negativity and nonsense, and I do not want that mixed with my pleasure. We are here to enjoy our own creativity while following Alex’s career. We want to enjoy Alex and his work and share it with others in our personal way of expression. If our methods and the way we do our fangirling bugs you – just move on and find your pleasure (or misery) somewhere else…… #rantover

Thank you to the many of you who enjoy Alex with us and who adore him just the way he is ……..

And now for this weeks pleasure – Thank you to all the fans who posted their new and old pictures of Alex on Alex’s personal Facebook page and on the #alexoloughlin and #HawaiiFive-0 tags on Twitter. It is always the easiest way for us to find them, when they are posted there.


  • To those of you who are celebrating Father’s Day today, we hope that you enjoy your fathers and that you appreciate them for who they are or were. To me Fathers Day 2011, will always be remembered as the day when I first noticed Alex. But this year more than ever before, I am very grateful and thankful for my own dad, and I appreciate him for the wonderful man he is. I can only thank him for a lifetime of lovely memories!

Being a dad

Life on the Set:

  • Thank you for this new “old” picture from the set, posted this week (From the looks of it, taken during last season).

redsurfergirl Alex and our amazing stunt coordinator #hawaiifive0 #tbt Going to start rolling cameras soon on Season 7

bts h50 alex

Fan Photos:

  • From the fan photos posted this week, it looks like Alex and the family are making their way from Italy through France to Spain, or via Spain to France. (We are not sure about the date of the picture taken in France)

Atari Gastroteka (Tapas Bar & Restaurant)

Tres grandes. Nuestro Mah Carbonero, con el actor de la serie Hawaii 5.0 Alex O’Loughlin y por supuesto, uno de nuestros pintxos de la barra zaharra. Jamón, queso de cabra, pimiento deshidratado… rico rico. Ya es jueves!!! Güazen!!

Facebook translation to English: Big three. Our Mah Carbonero, with the actor of the series Hawaii 5.0 Alex O’Loughlin and of course, one of our snacks from the bar zahara. Ham, goat cheese, dried pepper… Rich Rich. It’s Thursday already!!! Güazen!!alex hiatus vacay tapas bar Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain
Ayer tuvimos en a Alex O’Loughlin con nuestro Mah Carbonero. Desde a
Twitter translation to English: Yesterday we had in Alex O’Loughlin with our Mah Carbonero. From to !


#AlexOloughlin, Capitán Mcgarret de #hawaii5-0, hoy en @atarigastroteka de #donostia#reguapo

hiatus 2016 spain vicky

Madjid Kadoun to Alex O’Loughlin

 hello alex is madjid of lodève have you eating out well in what I accompany you ?

Alex with Madjid Kadoun‎

  • And an old picture posted on Alex’s Facebook page this week. (From his look it seems to be taken somewhere in Season 1)

Rolonda Garvin to Alex O’Loughlin I thank you for taken the picture with me I told you than you was going to be somebody

Alex with Rolanda

News for the week:

  • For those of you with some spare cash to donate to charity and who would like to visit the Hawaii Five-0 set, make sure to look into the latest auction (it ends on 28 Jun):

Charity Buzz: Set Visit for 2 to a Taping of Hawaii Five-0 in Honolulu

The charity for this auction is WIF – Women In Film

Women In Film is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for women, encouraging creative projects by women, and expanding and enhancing portrayals of women in all forms of global media. Given that women comprise fifty percent of the population, WIF’s ultimate goal is to see the same gender parity reflected on and off screen. Founded in 1973, WIF focuses on advocacy and education, provides scholarships, grants and film finishing funds and works to preserve the legacies of all women working in the entertainment community.

I actually got a good chuckle from this one because I found it somewhat ironic. (Some of you will get why it is ironic, and some won’t)

Something Pretty from other fans:

  • Thank you BeeM for this lovely edit:

From BeeM


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • steve mcgarett of hawaii five o will meet his future in laws in new seson of hawaii five o


Next Week:

sotb shaka n

Hope you all have a better week than the one before!


Update: Clearly I got distracted this week and complete forgot to include the news of the start of filming of Hawaii Five-0 Season 7. We have the countdown in the top right corner of the blog under the heading. Normally it will start with a Blessing Ceremony early on the first day of shooting. According to Peter Lenkov that first day will be on 6 July – that means 2 ½ week of hiatus still left for cast and crew. 🙂



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