Quote for the day – #SteveMcGarrett grease monkey nom-nom

“Without the fans, filmmaking is a redundant industry. We need people to come and see what we do. I love them and cherish them, because without them I would have to go and do something else. I’d be a carpenter or something, because otherwise I wouldn’t have a job. I’m proud of my show, man.” – The Edmonton Journal 2014

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9 responses to “Quote for the day – #SteveMcGarrett grease monkey nom-nom

  1. He has every right to be proud of his show. We might not always agree on the greatness of the show in general, but his work is always fantastic.
    And getting to seven seasons is an accomplishment not that many shows manage to do.
    So, even though there is a lot to complain about, there is always a lot to love. And I’m sure being part of that show, that community, and what it gave him in his personal and professional life, makes him proud of it. And rightly so.


  2. He is always s humble and appreciative 🙂
    He definitely has a lot to be proud of and we can as well be proud of being his fans


  3. Kath40

    I love how grounded Alex is. ♥ He dose this because he enjoys it so much and it shows. HIs appreciation for his fans has always been #1. That is why we hold him up as #1. 😀 ♥ H5-0 has been good for him even with some rough spots in the writing. His job is to tell us the story and he tells it well. ♥
    That is something he can be VERY proud of.


  4. Katherine

    Great Team and Show!! Thank you for Everything. Let’s keep it going. 💜


  5. Karen

    Just love how humble and down to earth he is.


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