Pic for the day – #Moonlight a great little show

I am well. I am happy. I am focused and I am ready, once again, to pour everything I can back into this great little show of ours to make it the best I possibly can!! Alex March 2008 Myspace entry

stormy mick dl



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11 responses to “Pic for the day – #Moonlight a great little show

  1. I have always loved his dedication and passion towards everything he does 🙂


  2. gracenotpark

    Alex made it great. Pretty sure had he not been Mick, ML woulda disappeared by the 3rd or 4th ep…


  3. I totally agree with both of you, THX for this gorgeous ‘Pic of the Day.’ I remember this MySpace entry too.


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  5. Kath40

    Oh how I miss Moonlight. I agree with you Grace, Alex made it more then it could have been without him. His work ethic and devotion make us proud.
    I also miss how in the beginning, he reached out to us fans on his MySpace page on his way up the Star Ladder, it was so fun and personal. I’m sad that he doesn’t do “personal” Social Media any more. But I understand his reluctance ’cause many people started to abuse the privilege and think they could tell him how to live his life through social media in very rude ways.
    We now enjoy following him through others like fans posting pics and telling their story when they meet him while he’s out and about and through his friends like Enson and Egan whom he visits most often.
    I love getting to watch him grow into the star he deserves to be. Bright and Shiny and getting Brighter and Shinier. ♥ *Sigh* ♥


    • gracenotpark

      I hear ya, babe. It was fun when he personal’d his thoughts and feelings to us. But the unmitigated BS that, ahem, fans, lobbed at him…from how he should dress or wear his hair to who he should and shouldn’t date to acting and role-choice critiques…omg!!! Fans drove this quiet talented man underground. But he still speaks to us thru his performances! 🙂


    • So so true Kath 40 and GNP.. I am SO glad I printed all of Alex’s responses to my comments and I have them all in my first scrapbook and OH how I treasure them.
      . It was so much fun and so thrilling to discover this new gorgeous and upcoming talent in a brilliant new “Vampire” show. Remember” Mick St John” was Hot when” Edward Cullen “was just moving in to the Pacific Northwest.!!!!!!
      “Fangs” for the memories Paula== and as for the picture!!!!!!! Words fail me!!!!


      • Kath40

        I’m so jealous of you girlfriend. 😛 I never had the nerve to post anything on his page. I just sat and read his posts and comments with a BIG grin on my face. 😀 I remember I almost came unglued when I got the e-mail from him accepting me as one of his MySpace friends. Sadly that was before I had any knowledge of how computers really worked and never copied or printed his invite before my old e-mail got deleted when the company changed hands. I thought it’d be there forever 😦 *sigh*
        I remember a few times he forgot to “hide his light” indicating when he was online so we Squealed and posted on our web site “HE’S ON! HE’S ON!” We would all gather to watch him post a comment or approve messages. It was fun watching him towards the end of his MySpace run trying to update his music player. He was having a hell of a time getting it placed where he wanted so that it didn’t cut into pictures he had posted or comments. It turned into a big mess after a few days so eventually he just left it where it was…all catawampus. LOL
        OooOoooOOoOo it was thrilling. 😀 I don’t think us fans felt as close to him these days as we did back then. Until some of us made it to the SOTB events that is. 😉 ♥ Or got lucky enough to bump into him somewhere unexpected getting coffee.


  6. Karen

    OMG!!! What an amazing photo of the day there!! Super sexy!!! I am so sad that I didn’t watch Moonlighting when it aired on TV but so glad for DVDs.


  7. Oh, Mick, my favorite vampire! That is still my favorite TV show.


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