#H50 season 6 memories – funny #SteveMcGarrett part 2

Decided we might as well have second part to last season´s funny Steve 😀 Had to have poor shoe catcher McG, still get a silly grin from this moment 😉

These are from 6.13-6.25, enjoy!





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8 responses to “#H50 season 6 memories – funny #SteveMcGarrett part 2

  1. Leah

    Just love Steve with all his funny faces! 🙂 I needed this pick-me-up today. Thank you!!


  2. Love love love shoe catcher Steve and of course: prankster Steve in 6.18. That little nod and that grin, that was such a funny scene with Lou. 😀


  3. Great selection once again 🙂
    Pity Steve wasn’t as good at catching the second shoe as he was with first one 😉


  4. karen

    Hope we get to see Sang Min’s new haircut this season.


  5. Kath40

    Hee 😀 I love his expressions. Serious, subtle or silly he makes the show so entertaining. Thank you for these funny face gifs ♥


  6. Karen

    I am so glad you put the Zen-smile on this list. That that one of my fave facial expression from him.


  7. OH, these are even better than the last ones. LOVE them.


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