INTERVIEW: #AlexOLoughlin on set of #H50 – 2011

This is a transcript of part of a set interview with Alex, done while they were filming the Season 1 finale of Hawaii Five-0 in 2011. (The audio of some of the last questions are not on the clip)

The pictures in the post are from Episodes 1:20 and 4:08.

Please remember to take part in our fun poll at the end.

And also remember that Alex’s arm in the sling & cast was just for the show, and for two episodes in Season 1 only.

He did NOT break his arm in real life.

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Alex: Favourite Hawaii moment? Umm … Damn, just being here. I love this place, you know. I’m really … I’m really in love with Hawaii. I feel like … I’ve been … I’ve been away from my home, which is Australia, for a long time now. Sort of seven years, and … almost.

Hawaii is …. I don’t know, I kind of feel like I’ve come back home. I am still in the States, but I feel like I’ve come home. It’s very … it’s a lot like Australia in a lot of ways. It’s got all the great stuff that the US has as well. So, my favourite moment is just … is just waking up here every day.

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Reporter: Now you’ve got the summer break coming up. Are you going to stay out here and relax or have you got other plans?

Alex: Yeah, I got … I got some stuff I’ve got to do in LA. I’ve still got a house and sort of bits of a life there. And I’ve got …. all my family are in Australia, and so I’m going to go back and forth and see everybody I have to see and do the stuff I have to do. But I’m going to spend most of it here, surfing, actually. So … I’m looking forward to it.

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Reporter: Cool. Moving onto questions. You and Danny have such great dialogue when driving around the Island. Can you talk a little bit about these scenes and how are they to shoot? Are they fun?

Alex: The carguments?

Reporter: Yeah.

Alex: Yeah, they’re good. They’re fun. They’re … they’re fast, cause they’re contained. Which is one of the best things about it, cause you know, this is …. It takes .. we work such long hours, and we have you know, so little life. When you’re shooting a TV show it’s like, “Oh my god”. You know, you just kiss your life goodbye.

And so those little scenes that take less time to do and then … you know, are good. You look forward to those. But they are also fun. Like I really like sitting in a car in close proximity with Scott. We can’t get away from each other. And we just  …. All you’ve got is to riff of one another. You know, it’s nice. You know, it’s nice, because you are not distracted by anything else going on.

There’s no action. There’s no … It is just us. And it’s just bouncing …. You’ve got to be listening actively a 100%. And you’ve got to be …. you know. And it’s ….. But when it works, it really works.

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Reporter: Any memorable moments that comes to mind in carguments?

Alex: Well these are … they are very broad questions. Are there any memorable moments? I’d like to say …. I’d like to hope that there’s lots of memorable moments in all of this, you know. About Hawaii and in the carguments. And you know, in just the show in general. But I mean I can’t …. memorable moments?

Reporter: Maybe they’re thinking of when something that went wrong, or something …..

Alex: I think the most memorable moment, was in like … in the one in the moments when we were shooting the pilot. You know, you know, the first couple of episodes when we really started finding the carguments. Started finding them becoming carguments, you know.

And I think we were both like, “This is cool. This is funny”. And this is where our characters live, you know. And this is a really important kind of a …. a touchstone, or like check plate for our characters, you know what I mean? So, it’s kind of like … it’s part …. it’s part of the glue that holds the show together I think.

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Alex: They’re pretty strict. Like I try …. It’s hard to have a strict fitness routine. Because you know, you’re at work so much. You know, we do sort of 15 hour days and so … and we work some weekends. And so this sort of … not only does it take all your time away, it takes all your energy as well. And you’ve got to be careful when you are working that much.

You know you get so fatigued, that if you throw a workout, you know, on top of that, you can break your immune system down to zero, you know. And it takes one person to cough on you and you’re finished, you know.

So it’s a … but I try to just …. I’m always just doing things like in the trailer or in the parking lot on set. You know, a little isometric stuff and calisthenics, and body weight stuff. But I run and I surf for cardio. And I try to watch what I eat, you know. I just try … I try to eat really low-fat, low sugar, low salt. And drink lots of water, and yeah.

Alex: I just see … every day I eat pretty much the same thing. I eat like … I eat like brown rice and I eat steamed vegetables. And I eat a meat, like a chicken or a lean beef or a lean …. or turkey mince, you know. And I cook it with just no oil and some garlic and onion, and a little bit of fresh tomatoes, you know. Some … some … a little bit of low sodium salsa.

And I just try to eat …. you know, I eat oatmeal in the morning. Trying to ….. I’m a big milk guy, though. Like I love my milk. And I try not … I try not to drink like loads of milk, unless I’ve just worked out. And so it’s a … kind of incentive to work out more. Cause I can drink loads of milk after workout.


POLL: About the Carguments

208 cargument

How do you feel about the (in)famous carguments on Hawaii Five-0 between Steve and Danny? Do they always work for you? Is it really part of the glue that ever did, or still holds the show together for you?


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13 responses to “INTERVIEW: #AlexOLoughlin on set of #H50 – 2011

  1. Always loved this interview 🙂
    About the carguments I have voted that I have always liked them because it’s true, but I have to admit that I like them more when they are funny rather than sometimes when they seem a bit forced and pointless, or just arguments rather than funny bantering.


    • Hi Manu
      From the results of the vote here, I think most people voted like you. Even if they also feel like you that the arguments are sometimes forced and pointless. I think mainly because of loyalty and to show support for the Steve and Danny partnership, regardless of how it actually plays out (And with no signs that the therapy that they supposedly get, is actually working at all.)


  2. gracenotpark

    Leave the carguments, take the McGrover.

    THAT would be an offer I can’t refuse. 😉


  3. 4.08 is always a great choice! Start of The McGrover. Give me more McGrover, McChin or McGrin and I am happy. I need Steve’s wall of silence when it comes to Danny.


    • In my opinion even Odell and Steve have better banter and bonding and growth in their realtionship in just 3 episodes, than what Steve and Danny achieved in 6 seasons.
      It is as if their ‘bonding’ had to be forced artificially with a liver donation, because it just does not happen in conversation. And now it seems that it will still stay juvenile with the arguments about the liver and irritate some of us even more. 😦
      Steve and Grover provide some real fun banter and rivalry whenever they get the chance. Entertainment I really enjoy more than useless bickering about nothing.


      • Yes! I totally forgot Odell.
        Steve and Grover are fun, so much fun, because Grover is not offensive, rude or mean. A concept Danny didn’t get after six years. I am so happy Grover joined the team and it doesn’t hurt that Chi is an amazing actor. I think he and Alex could have a long conversation only with their facial expressions!
        And yuck, please don’t make me think about the ‘fun’ of a liver donation…


  4. I kinda liked the carguments in the beginning, but they rarely work anymore. They often feel forced and constructed, don’t serve any real purpose. Those are the ones I can do without. And after season one almost all of them are pointless.
    BUT if they work, they are great. But as I said those gems are really rare these days.
    I would rather see a lot more naturally flowing dialogue like with McGrover and McChin. They almost always work.


  5. karen

    We who have commented seem to be in the minority according to the poll results. I have been over them for several years now. Steve and Lou are a perfect match on the job.


  6. Kelbelle

    I’ve only stumbled on the show a few months ago here in Australia so the gloss hasn’t worn off for me yet. It’s the second thing that I loved about the show ❤️


  7. Judy Deal

    I have enjoyed the carguments from the very beginning. They give the characters a chance and venue to have more personal interaction with each other. That being said, I do feel that some of the carguments over the last few seasons have become nastier which is unfortunate. I don’t understand why the writers and producers of the show seem to want to undermine the entire relationship between Steve and Danny. The whole show is built on that relationship and it needs to be preserved and allowed to evolve in a positive direction. I feel like part of the reason that viewers tune in every week is the bond between Steve and Danny and that relationship needs to be focused on more. I am holding out hope that the powers that be will take advantage of the liver transplant storyline to repair the damage that has been done to Steve & Danny’s relationship over the past few seasons and return to the mindset set that the show started with in regards to the 2 characters.


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