#H50 s6 memories – #SteveMcGarrett, His Hotness part 2

Continuing already with “His Hotness” memories part 2, from past season. Sometimes it was just a new outfit or bare skin or even that face, framed with grass or a concrete hole, that tickled my interest. Looking back at these, it wasn´t really such a bad season after all 😉




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14 responses to “#H50 s6 memories – #SteveMcGarrett, His Hotness part 2

  1. Dee Ann korth

    Season six was a great one! I think the last episode was really the best one on a lot of ways. Steve and Danny are really blood brothers and they will always have ups and downs good and bad. That is who they on the show. I can’t wait for season seven.
    Thank you for all the pictures info and reviews . I just find you last year.


  2. Brooklyngirl

    No my friend it wasn’t a bad season. We were treated us to lots and lots of pretty. Great, good, not so good episodes but it’s all Alex and that’s what matters! These are fantastic! Thanks so much!!


  3. I will never get tired of watching Steve in a tank top vest 🙂
    Nope, not a bad season at all.
    thank you so much Paula for the yummie recap!


  4. cwtshjan

    Ouch, ouch and pheeeewww!! I’m burning from all this hotness. Not complaining though…keep it coming. I’m such a masochist!!


  5. vanduyn



  6. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Hot season pictures


  7. Thank you so much, Paula. Steve is wonderfull.


  8. Kath40

    I’m so happy we will be getting another season. 😀
    Thank you Paula for capturing “His Hotness” to hold us through the summer months as the temps get hotter. ♥


  9. Regina Filange

    And then she burst in to flames! Wow what a hottie🔥. It knows no bounds. 😍😜


  10. Karen

    In case I haven’t said this in awhile – thank you for all the lovely gifs that posted. WOW for the highlights from Season 6.


  11. karen

    That top left GIF!!!!! SMOKIN’…


  12. It doesn’t matter what he is doing or wearing, the hotness burns through the screen! Thanks, Paula, for such a good job.


  13. Mauren Eloisa Aver

    The series Hawaii Five-0 is amazing alias that I study psychology believe that friends are also family are on the side of us when we need masi. I esprando 7 season. bjs Mauren Brasil


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