#AlexOLoughlin: The #H50 Star Says ‘Aloha’ to Hello! – 2013

Hello! Canada

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Alex & Bill Brioux

The Hawaii Five-0 star says ‘Aloha’ to Hello! Canada and opens up about island living and being a dad.

By Bill Brioux

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Alex O’Loughlin’s path to stardom wasn’t direct. He moved from his native Australia and toiled in Los Angeles for eight years before landing the role of Det. Steve McGarrett in the Hawaii Five-0 reboot – now in its fourth season – and relocated to the island state, which he loves.

“As an Aussie, coming for a place where people are very grounded and tough, but really kind and loving, the Hawaiian people are similar,”

says the actor, 37, who lives with his girlfriend, surfer Malia Jones, their one-year-old son, Lion, And two sons from previous relationships. Here he talks with us about fatherhood keeps him going.

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Hello!: It sounds like you have a full house with your boys.

Alex: Three of them. And a dog and two chameleons! [Laughs]

The kids are amazing. Look it’s a weird job that I have. I love it. There is a lot of anxiety, a lot of stress and pressure and the hours are terrible, and there’s a lot of risk – all that stuff goes away when I am with my kids.

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Hello!: How is fatherhood this time around?

Alex: It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Lion was one last week and he is competing with the two other boys in the house.

He is walking early and he’s got lots of teeth and he growls and is almost talking.

I think having him in my mid-to-late 30s it’s different.

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Hello!: How so?

Alex: I appreciate it on different levels now. It’s my favourite time of every single day.

I don’t see him in the mornings because I’m up so early, but it’s getting home and seeing those kids before they go to bed.

Hello!: Do you like living away from Hollywood?

Alex: I come back to L.A. and the first thing I notice is the pollution, then the billboards. It’s just distractions. 

The thing I love about Hawaii is people exercise because they want to live longer. People in L.A. often exercise because they want to fit into their new pants. [Laughs]

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4 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin: The #H50 Star Says ‘Aloha’ to Hello! – 2013

  1. Det(?) McGarrett? Grr… LOL!
    I always loved this interview because you could feel his love for his family. And I love the quote about Hawaiians and LA people exercising!
    And is getting little Lion 4 this year? Oh my…


  2. He is walking early and he’s got lots of teeth and he growls and is almost talking. – LOL, little Lion growling. 🙂

    Always liked this very short article. It was quite a while ago, but I hope he is still just as happy with his family life and living in Hawaii.

    I am always really disappointed when magazines, and even worse, journalists in person don’t even get the basics right. Det. McGarrett? At least do your research. I know others are not bothered by such things, but I can’t stand it. Sorry for the rant.


  3. Magnólia

    Gosto! 😃


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