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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (29 May – 4 Jun 2016)

Another relatively quiet week here in our little Alex fan world. Thank you to those of you who participated in our Moonlight week. Real life is keeping us a bit busy and we could not respond to all comments, but we appreciate all of them. Some of the things I could see once again from the past two weeks of focussing on Alex’s previous projects, were the commitment and dedication he showed during them both. There is just no half measures with Alex.

Life on the Set:

  • Keeping with last weeks theme, a behind the scenes picture of Alex rehearsing a fight scene for Moonlight.

Fight-rehearsal-mymaximus(Picture – @Mymaximus)

Fan Photos:

  • A picture that popped up just after we published last weeks post:

robert_arakaki Holllllyyyyyyy fuuuuccckkkk that just happened got so star struck lol hope to see um back on tv #h50 #alexoloughlin #commander #McGarrettalex & robert arakaki may 2016 airport

  • And here is the short video of how the picture above was taken:

eh_dude808 Robert w/ Hawaii 50 Steve McGarret

Robert w/ Hawaii 50 Steve McGarret👍👍😆😆

From Roberto Mazza on Facebook

Alex O’Loughlin as “Steve Mc Garrett” Hawaii Five-O

(And a big Thank You to for finding and sharing these pictures)

These pictures were posted last week on 2 June. Unfortunately Roberto changed his pictures to private or deleted them since then, and he never labeled the pictures with a time or a place. Maybe the attention from all the fans made him a bit shy, and he did not realise that his pictures will go viral among the Alex fans when he posted it. (Sorry Roberto, but we all are desperate for some fresh Alex pictures).

Roberto is an Italian, but from his posts it looked like he was visiting Paris at the end of May. From there, it created confusion as to where the pictures were taken. We still don’t actually know.

We do not really have any accurate information of whether Alex is in Italy or France or in Europe at all at the moment, or if it was old pictures. As I said in the last weekly post, that from Malia’s IG posts it looked like they were visiting Europe during the last two weeks of April. But there was no real other proof for it, and some fans think that she was just anticipating the future vacation that they are on now by posting those pictures. (Paula and I however felt at the time when those pictures were posted, that Malia was on Europe time, but maybe she was just doing some middle of the night postings, or we just got just timelines confused back then)

Although a beard can be cut and trimmed at any stage, I am still of the opinion that Alex’s beard on these pictures posted by Roberto looked like they were taken while he was still growing his hiatus beard in April. (Otherwise he must have trimmed his beard after the airport picture of last Sunday was taken)

But of course we have not had any proof to confirm any of these many speculations. (Other than that it seems as if Malia is in Hawaii at this time, which would confirm my opinion that the family is not in Europe at the moment) All we can hope for, is for some more pictures of Alex to surface (and hopefully with an indication of time and place). But most of all we hope that wherever Alex may be, that he is enjoying his well deserved down time with his family.

News for the week:

  • Some sad news this week for the Hawaii Five-0 Ohana, with the news that Jimmy Borges passed away. Here is the link to the post we made of Jimmy’s last appearance on the show.


Something Pretty from other fans:

  • There are so many fan pages and groups for Alex fans to follow and it is always difficult to know which pages are worth the follow. Here is one of the relatively new Alex pages created by some of our friends. They have been following Alex’s career for many years and that makes it worthwhile to follow them and their passion for him.

Gorgeous Alex O’Loughlin

From Gorgeous Alex O'Loughlin

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • tips for hawaii 50 sunset on the beach event

This search made me wonder if we should not try to get some information from those fans who on previous occasions traveled to Hawaii for SOTB. And maybe compile a post with all these practical tips. What do you think?


Next Week:

Alex O'Loughlin - 2010


Hope you have a great week!



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