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#AlexOLoughlin & the Moonlight cast on Fear. net (2008)

FEAR. net presents,


The cast of Moonlight answer some in-depth questions about their show.

(From what Alex is wearing, my guess is that they did the interviews during filming of Episode 15, somewhere in early April 2008.)

Question: Are you a fan of the Vampire genre?

Alex: The genre itself, I really … I’ve always been enamoured with the … with the sort of shameless sensuality in the genre. You know, unlike any other genre.

You know, and also the shameless excess towards which these creatures live. You know, and how deeply they feel sensorily.

Is that a word? I use it a lot and I don’t know if it is actually a word. I have to check on that.

Mick and Beth

Jason: When I got this, I started getting into like the … just like checking out … you know, we have different roles, you know what I mean. And everybody has different roles. So we’re kind of figuring out who we are and what kind of our style is like.

Which I guess is more if we were just real people that you know live their lives and become vampires. My guy is a little bit, you know,  eccentric and that sort of thing. But I got much more into it after I ‘got’ it.

Yeah man, because you just learn like you’re immortal, powerful, you know what I mean. And then you get these special effects, where you go like this and the beam goes, ‘Doof’, all the way across the room.

Really cool. You know what I mean? It’s like, ‘Wow, it’s cool’

"I don't even know how to mourn him"

Eric: All these types of werewolves, Dracula and all that stuff, have always been fascinating to me. It’s just a cool genre, you know. I think they are real…. No, I’m just kidding.

I don’t think they are real. [Laughs] But it would have been cool if they were. So I dig the fact that this is sort of set in that tone.

Sophia: I’m yet to have to make the connection between why drinking blood from somebody is sexy. It doesn’t quite float my boat.

But I’m very interested in the immortality theme, really more than anything else. And as a story-teller to kind of play out that relationship.

ML 4;88

Question: If you turned in real life, who’s path would you follow. Mick or Josef’s?

Jason: I think Mick’s path, I would imagine. I mean I’m not going to be eating this thing and go sleep with a bunch of women, or something like that. I mean in my acting career..

Alex: I think it would probably be a combination of both. But I think I would go the Josef path and then I would be racked with shame and guilt.

And I would sort of  ….. But then I would do it again. You know, for eternity. I think that is probably a fair guesstimation of what would happen.

ml 13 cl1

Question: Who is the new guy?

Eric: ADA Talbot, Ben Talbot. He … he’s basically … you know we’re learning more and more about him all the time. He’s a little bit mysterious in a sense that he’s  … he’s driven by his work.

He’s out to do whatever he has to, to get the answers to solve the problems going on in town. The crimes as they read. But there is an interesting fondness, let’s say, towards Beth.

Sophia: I mean Mick and Beth kind of wary of him at the beginning, because he’s very kind of tough and forthright and a bit …. He’s a little bit rude actually.

ML 14;35

Question: A little competition?

Sophia: They brought in a new hunk to kind of spice things up a bit. So we’ll see…

Eric: What’s his real motive with Beth, you know? That’s sort of the why he was brought in.

Alex: At the moment we still very much have the “Romeo and Juliet” thing going on.

ml 4 sandals

Sophia: I wouldn’t recommend any girls out there to start …  you know, to get involved with a vampire. Now that I know what it entails.

Because you know there’s issues; of you know, can they have kids together? She’s going to age, he’s not …

Alex: I really like the dramatic tension between …. You know that is … that is … that is there, because these two haven’t  … [hooked up]

Eric: Obviously there the … she’s an attractive girl. So there’s going to be some of that brought in for maybe a little bit of a love triangle possibility, let’s hope ….

Sophia: I mean up until this point it is purely a professional relationship between her and him.

Question: Since Ben is no match. Who would win in a fight,  Mick or Angel?

Alex: I think it would be a pretty …. It would be pretty good.

But Mick would win. [Sigh] [Laughs]

You know, I can’t help the facts .. If I tore him, you know ….


My Thoughts:

  • I just love how Alex sometimes questions some of the words he uses.
  • Once again the early cancellation and the loss of potential for a great story, hit me when I listened to the actors talk about Moonlight.
  • I always giggle when I see Alex at a loss for the right words, when he talks about characters hooking up and having sex.



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