They say … Working with Alex is a joy.

I love being on films, I love making films, like I love my job, so kind of all of them for different reasons. but the best ones are when you really luck out and you work with great people. Working with Alex O’Loughlin for example, that’s such a joy of Moonlight

Sophia Myles

January 2008


Gif for the day: Mick smells wonderful.



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10 responses to “They say … Working with Alex is a joy.

  1. Oh, how I love the ‘Mick Sniff!’ For 9 years I’ve been reading anything I could about Alex and I haven’t seen anyone who has worked with him say anything negative about him, they usually say how wonderful he is to work with. THX for the sniff-gif, I think you made my day!


  2. It’s great to hear that everybody who has worked with Alex has only good things to say about him 😉
    Thank you for the Mick beauty!


  3. Karen

    Just love reading stories how Alex co-stars love working with him.


  4. Kath40

    I love reading about how much of a joy Alex is to work with. ♥ You never hear any thing bad said about the man EVER.
    I LOVE the Mick Sniff MMMmmmMMmMm intentional or not it’s Very Sexy. *THUD*


  5. OMG!! Caution!!! Mick beauty may cause the heart to accelerate and the temperature to rise!!!


  6. vanduyn

    I love this for so many reasons!! 😀


  7. I have always said his nose was orgasmic! Mick makes my toes curl when he sniffs like this!


  8. Kathysr

    I think everyone has a massive crush on Alex! EVERYONE!


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