Mick enjoying the warm sun

Alex: ‘Moonlight’ is sexy.

Access: That’s right.

Alex: Wow.

Access: Is it sexy?

Alex: Oh, you’d better hang on with both hands. It’s sexy.

Mick -ML promo (6)

ML 13 beach directions

ML 13 beach pose


Fated to pretend Epi 13

Thank you Mick, for letting us join in on your day at the beach 😀



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6 responses to “Mick enjoying the warm sun

  1. I’m feeling the effect of THAT sunshine 🙂


  2. Still have this snippet recorded on my phone and have used it as an alert tone. 😜 I also love how he described sex in front of a crew as “icky” during this interview. Haha


    • Kath40

      LOL “icky” he was so cute in that interview trying to stay one step ahead of her prying trying to get to the naughty chair stuff. 😀 Not to mention he was looking so hot as they were filming BC at the time of this interview with Sophia all up on him in that scene. ♥


  3. It was wonderful getting to see Mick as a human, even if it was for such a short time. I even remember the promo for this eppy; ‘If you love Mick as a vampire, you’re gonna love him as a human’ (the song that played during the promo was Mercy by Duffy). THX for the human Mick pics!!!


    • Janno I will never forget when I saw this promo for the first time on TV, I was watching a show and when the promo aired I jumped off the couch yelling “Mick” not realizing my husband was sitting right next to me, oops! 😍


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