NYCC 2008 – #AlexOLoughlin & Jason Dohring Interview with IGN

Alex and Jason at New York Comic Con in April 2008 with IGN. com


Alex O'Loughlin - New York Comic Con for Moonlight

It is actually heartbreaking to see how enthusiastic they were about their work on Moonlight, only a few weeks before it was formally canceled.

ny cc edit

Alex: It’s great. I mean it is a little bizarre for me personally, because I don’t ….. I’ve never had fans before and I don’t … it’s just …. it’s kind of crazy. I mean how would you respond to like a whole bunch of people going like, “Oh … we” , you know?

Reporter: Yeah.

Alex: It’s weird. But it’s terrific. I’m really, really excited about it. I love that the people are responding to the show as much as I do. ‘Cos I really care about the show, you know. We all do. And we’ve all been working very hard. Trying to deliver something special in these last four … no, all the way through. But in these last four, they are the closest to me now. We’re shooting those at the moment, you know.

Yeah, so it’s great. It’s really great. I hope we go into a second season and I hope … I hope it’s … I hope we can continue to deliver this thing that people love.

Alex - New York Comic Con 2008

Jason: You know, it’s really nice to see. And especially it’s cool to see it for Alex, because at the start of it when we came for the San Diego one, there wasn’t any …. you know, nobody had seen the show. We didn’t even have a pilot. So it’s like twelve episodes later and this happens. It’s cool to like kind of go through it with somebody else. You know what I mean?

Alex at New York Comic Con 2008

Alex: We’ll I think with this genre you’re always going to win. You know I don’t think…. I mean it’s a genre that will always have fans. And I’m a fan of the genre. I love it. And …. but also we really try to … you know we try to like introduce and maintain elements of true naturalism … of drama. Of what’s …of the exciting things in drama. Of what, you know, the exciting things in relationships, you know.

You know there’s a lot …. The stakes are really high in this show, you know. From the writing to the performance to the, you know, the execution, you know, and editing, to what we deliver. You know with the music, we try to really keep the stakes at a solid level. And I think we’ve maintained that so far. So as long as we can … as long as everybody, across the board involved with Moonlight, continues to do their job at that level, like I think, it can only sort of gets better. It can only remain there.

Jason: I think a vampire show more or less has a following, by itself. And then when you add a love story in and different characters elements, I think we’re starting to get more…. a lot more from different avenues and different places you know, that I think people are interested in.

I guess in this one they told us not to tell, and then they show like this big preview of what’s happening. And my character will wind up turning him. ‘Cos right now he’s a human when we come back. And it’s the one thing he’s always begging me for, and then something happens and he needs to be turned. And I have to take away the one thing he wants so badly. You know what I mean? So it’s a very emotional scene.


There’s a lot of like…. The music is like a 30 piece orchestra that the director brought out. So, we’ll see …. I was like emotionally a bit upset like for an hour or two, which never happens to me. So, it was … it was really cool. You hear the music and it breaks your heart, kind off. And it’s like very beautiful at the same time.

And there’s also some good stuff coming up I thought I’ll mention, about like ….  we’re going to have like different people from different vampire circles, all meeting together. So like to deal with like a problem. Like there’s this big threat that comes about in [Epi]16. And Alex and a couple of the other favourite characters, we kind of like all meet in a room and discuss how to handle this. So it’s cool to see like the vampire interaction. Like the vampire cult or whatever you know, get together. So that’s coming up as well.

Alex - Comic Con 2008

Alex: How does it end? There’s a little … there’s a little like real … there’s a real step forward with Mick and Beth in their relationship. You know what I mean, and there’s also  … the last episode is awesome. It’s about like vampires uniting and making sure the community is safe. You know and our anonymity is … you know, safe. And that we can maintain our lives the way we have been in society for as long as we have been. And so that’s great. All the vampires come together and it’s cool. It’s really cool.



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11 responses to “NYCC 2008 – #AlexOLoughlin & Jason Dohring Interview with IGN

  1. I love how Alex gets enthusiastic about the work he does 🙂 I still have a dream of having Jason guest starring on Five 0!


  2. Yes, so heartbreaking to see their enthusiasm so close to hearing of ML’s cancellation. Alex is always adorable when he’s himself and there’s a naiveté to this that makes him even more adorable! It’s interesting to hear how much of his Aussie accent he’s lost since then too. I’m with Manu too, would love to see Jason do a guest role on H5-0. THX for posting this, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.


  3. karen

    I still miss Mick very much, but I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason. All of his (and our) professional disappointments (for him) led him to his present life, on Hawaii and with his family. He seems so happy now.


  4. Magnólia

    Lindo, expressivo, carismático!


  5. Karen

    Love the interview with Alex and Jason. I would love to see Jason on an episode of H50.


  6. Kath40

    Oh how I miss these good old days. Alex was just getting his first taste of a HUGE fan following. Cute that Jason spoke about the San Diego Con when no one knew who “Alex” was. There’s a video on YT of them ( Jole Silver, Alex, Jason, Sophia and Shannyn) being introduced where Jason gets the biggest cheers because of his Veronica Mars fans in the crowed. I love to see how far Alex has come and get’s the biggest cheers now for H5-0.
    “You’ve come a long way baby.” * MUAH* I’m so happy for Alex and his family life in Hawaii. ♥
    I too would love to see Jason make an appearance on 5-0 maybe even play a baddie or better yet an old SEAL buddy from Steve’s unit. ♥ DO I dare hope for Sophia making a guest appearance? But that would be one hell of a long flight for her for a guest spot especially if she were to get the “Springfield” treatment. *sigh*


  7. Brenda V

    Seeing this interview really breaks my heart. After almost 9 years since it was canceled, I can’t stop craving a second season or movie about Moonlight! A few days ago I suggested to Trevor Munson that we shall start a “Kickstarter” campagn to fund a Moknlight movie and he replied that it sounds like a good idea! Even though the cast has aged, I would love to see Alex and Jason reprising their roles. What do you all think?



  8. karen

    A few years ago maybe…but it has been too long now.


    • Exactly. As much as we love Mick and the whole ML mythology, even Alex knew it wasn’t a show that could go on for a long time, he said (somewhere!) ‘Mick may not age but I will’… kinda like what Beth said to Mick on his rooftop.


      • Kath40

        Yeah, Alex gave it 3-4 seasons back in 2008 so sadly it would have to be a NEW cast. 😦 For me I’m not far enough removed from the Moonlight I loved to accept a “reimagining” of the show just to continue the story at this point. However Trevor is working on the second volume of his Angel book series that Moonlight was based on. It’s caught up in a New Double Release of the first book “Angel of Vengeance” and the latest one “Guardian Angel” as there is still no release date as of yet. Grant it the first book is closer to Trevor’s darker original story before Ron helped lighten up the re-write for the TV series. But hopefully with the influence of the TV show Trevor may have lightened it up for the next books.
        We may not get Alex to preform more Moonlight, but it doesn’t stop me and my minds eye form continuing to see Alex as Mick. I even read Mick St John instead of Mick Angel when immersing myself in Trevor’s written Moonlight world. ♥


        • Brenda V

          I’ve been waiting for “Guardian Angel” for a while! Although Alex is great on H50, I will always see him as Mick because he was immersed in that character Luke in no other. Such a pity the studio didn’t saw how great Moonlight could have gotten if then would have renewed it.


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