Alex O’Loughlin: Moonlight CBS Upfront interview – 2007

The young starry-eyed Alex O’Loughlin, explaining the story of Moonlight and Mick St John at his first CBS Upfronts in New York in May 2007.


AlexO'Loughlin at CBS Upfront Party - 16 May 2007

Alex: The title of our new show is Moonlight. And it’s a story about a young man from …. from the 40’s. So you know, he is in his late 20’s in the late 40’s. And he falls in love with the wrong woman. And he becomes a vampire.

And so he moves through … through time to present day and we go back and forth through his journeys. We learn more and more about him. And once he gets to a point of acceptance about the powers that he has. What he can do …. when he can do now, he starts to use if for good.



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3 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin: Moonlight CBS Upfront interview – 2007

  1. Kath40

    Oh how I miss our “starry-eyed” Alex with his first “leading” role. ♥
    Funny how after they picked Moonlight up they changed the cast and timeline from the late 40’s to the early 50’s. We got remnants of that change through the early airings of the show. Mick being 90 instead of 85. Mick shooting up his blood instead of drinking it (though he only shot up once in the first episode NSTAV) that came from the original script.
    Alex was at the up fronts all by himself promoting his NEW show with what information he knew at the time….what a trooper. 😉


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