#AlexOLoughlin – TV Guide Message To Fans (2008)

Hope you enjoy some of the gorgeous Mick with us!

Alex: Hey TV Guide.com. It’s Alex O’Loughlin from ‘Moonlight’. I play Mick St John, but hopefully most of you know that already. And this is a shout out to all the fans, mine and of the show. Thank you so much for your support.

We won the People’s Choice award, were back for a few more shows and we’re going to get that second season, so ….. see you soon.

Up Close with Alex O’Loughlin

ml 12 m 4

Question: What did you think when you first read the script?

Alex: The script was originally written for … to be a feature film, actually. And I guess Joel Silver who are … he owns the show and he’s our main producer, and he took it to CBS. I’m pretty sure this is how it happened. And pitched it as a TV show.

And I love the genre. Like I’ve always been a big fan of the genre. And uhm …. I was a little concerned that it had been made before – A vampire PI.

I was like … “‘Angel’ was a huge” …. You know, I was like, “We’ll never pull it off.” And I don’t know if I want to be part of something that’s not going to work.

But then …. Then I read what our creators Trevor Munson and Ron Koslow had come up with, and it was quite different. And my character’s motivation and situation in fact was quite different. And so …. and I became really endeared to the character very quickly.

And it was a story …. it was a story I wanted to be a part of. And it was …. and it was this character’s story, was something that I wanted to have a go at telling. I wanted to know how to defend this guy. Which essencially is my job as an actor. And so …. so, here we are.

Question: How would you categorize a show like ‘Moonlight’?

Alex: I think essentially they wanted a film noir feel and sensibility to it. And so hence the driving stuff and the narration. And a lot of the lighting states are very noir. And you know, even though we shoot in colour, there’s a very noir feel to it. But it doesn’t have the stylization that true noir has.

I mean we don’t have our fedoras’ cocked to one side and cigarette smoke, and “Hey, yeah hey”. I mean if we had that over stylized thing going on all the time, it would make more sense. So what we found over this 12 episode arc that we’ve just completed, is that some of those thing are kind of smoothed out and found there place.

They were a little out-of-place at first. But the fact that the audience gave us that. And let us … let the show find own time and find its way, is really testament to our writers and our creators.

Question: Do you find shows like this tend to have a cult following?


Alex: The fans are CRAZY. I love it man. They’re like …. I swear some of the fan …. I mean, I don’t read too much stuff, because …. Like I have to be careful about what I read. Cause occasionally I can come across something and it’s like, “Oh, Ouch”.

And it can …  you just got to be careful what you read. The things I’ve heard, like the response to …. The fans love it so much. And they’re so …. they’re so connected to these characters and they have so much invested in the stories, and the future of these characters.

You know, to the fans, Mick St John and Beth Turner, exist. You know, and to me they exist to. They have to, otherwise there’s no point. I have no place telling that story.

But I’m really grateful. I don’t know if we’d be here without our fans.

ml 12 bw 3



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7 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – TV Guide Message To Fans (2008)

  1. gracenotpark

    Ahhhh yeah. I remember seeing him speak that opening blurb, and I thought he was announcing ML had been renewed.

    I’ve learned a lot about tv since then.


    • Kath40

      I think we all thought there was going to be a renewal. Even Alex and the cast thought so. Sadly they didn’t even get to say a proper goodbye to each other because they thought for sure they were coming back after the hiatus. All they needed was an “official” pickup. But it never came. 😦
      Yes Alex you could say us ML fans were CRRRRAZY and some of us still are….in a good way. LOL
      I was very invested in the characters of Moonlight. Sadly I’ve since learned not to let myself do that again. I can enjoy Steve and H50, but I’ll not follow as blindly as I did with ML only to have it taken away without notice. Not that H50 will leave without a proper send off…when that time comes.
      Because of ML and following Alex I’ve learned way more then I ever wanted to know about the “Hollywood” machine. o.O
      I just want Alex on my TV screen or in a movie theater for as long as possible. I just can’t get enough of the man. ♥♥♥ 😀


  2. WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!! Thanks Kath 40. MWAH.


  3. Audrey

    Ah the memories of Mick St. John and (breathlessly) Alex. He made us all fall in love with Mick. It was heartbreaking to know that this fabulous series ended, without really being finished. I watch H-50 because of Alex. Wasn’t thrilled about the Season finale, though it was exciting, but too many errors to appreciate the storyline.
    Thanks Foyeur for the brilliant synopsis.


  4. karen

    What they said…fellow SOTB goers. Love Mick always.


  5. Karen, Kath, Pommie and Audrey – It is always heartwarming to see Alex’s long-time fans support him, no matter what. You are a real good CRAZY bunch. 😀
    For sure >>>>> I just want Alex on my TV screen or in a movie theater for as long as possible. I just can’t get enough of the man.


  6. Magnólia



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