Quote for the day – #AlexOLoughlin


Question: You also co-produced and co-wrote a couple of your early films when starting out. Is that something you’d like to continue doing as you move forward?
Alex: Yeah, on a very minor scale. But I’d love to continue doing that. I think I’ll end up directing one day as well. I don’t feel as though I’m really ready at the moment but I love the process of filmmaking and I love the process of storytelling… I always have and I want to be involved with all of it on a deeper level.


April 2010


big ass Al

Wonder if it is still part of his career vision?



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6 responses to “Quote for the day – #AlexOLoughlin

  1. gracenotpark

    Good question…is he still interested? We’ve heard so little from Alex in the last 2 or 3 years. We know he’s healthy and happy, and that’s good enough, But he’s matured and changed and grown, as have we all, and we surely don’t know his career aspirations any more.


    • You bring up an interesting point GNP. We really have no news of Alex, for a very long time.No interviews. No chat shows, No movies. plays or apperances,I find that a bit sad tho of course I respect his right to a private life but a star should have some publicity or action going on. Hard to love someone you never see or hear from even for devoted fans!! Maybe Alex is content and wants nothing to do with the publicity machine??? Who knows the reason for the silence ??? Only Alex Himself.
      I love him dearly and miss the articles and pictures I used to put in my scrapbooks. i miss seeing him in L.A or at Australians in Film events. I just miss my favorite actor SO much .


  2. Karen

    I wonder if he still wants to do that.


  3. cwtshjan

    I hope he keeps in front of the camera. This Alex drought is hard to bear. If he just directed we’d never see him. What would we do then?


  4. Audrey

    If and when Hawaii Five-0 ends, he always has that option. I too would like to see more of him on the screen, either small or large, but maybe he won’t want to do that anymore. Spend more time with his family and be able to produce/direct when he wants to, that sounds more like him.


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