McGarrett – sneak peek from 6.23

Alex looks so cute in the new sneak peek from 6.23 epi, the blue room clearly highlights his perfection 😀




623 dl bw

623 dl 1

623 bw dl 2

623 dl 4

623 dl bw 2

Is it just me, picturing myself in that chair, instead of that woman. Just to be so close to him…



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5 responses to “McGarrett – sneak peek from 6.23

  1. cwtshjan

    Oh I’m right there with you. I think maybe I’d prefer him sitting on the chair though…..cough!!


  2. I would need to be handcuffed or tied to the chair so I don’t fall off. He turns me into goo when he looks like that. His eyelashes are insanely long. I want to feel them flutter across my skin. SIGH I could go on and on….


  3. Oh, the many beautiful faces of Alex! Yes, his eyelashes are a killer. Now, someone needs to post a pic of Alex on hiatus so I can see how big his beard is!


  4. Kath40

    It’s not just you Paula ♥ We all would love to be in front of him willingly sitting in that chair….handcuffed…for HIS safety. Hee. 😛

    The Blue Room definitely highlights his perfection. Especially his luxuriously long lashes. *sigh* *THUD*


  5. Eyelashes and the p.o.p.
    I think he is one of the rare people you would identify just seeing their shadows!


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