Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (24 – 30 April 2016)

It is really heartbreaking not to have any new footage of our man Alex. Not even a new old pictures popping up anywhere during this past week. So you can understand that I am a bit cranky …..

I will use this weekly post to talk about sharing pictures and some of the stuff that has been bothering me (and friends from other fan pages) a bit lately. A request for courtesy towards the creations of fellow fans ……


Sharing Photos:

Just a friendly request. I know we are also guilty of not doing it all the time, but please post some information about old (and new) pictures when you post on IG and other places. I have lately seen so many people thinking that 4 and 5 year old pictures are new, because people just post them without any information (like this picture below from 2011). And when people ask when it was taken, the page owner sometimes does not even know where it comes from, or in some cases not even bother to answer (and if we do try to answer these questions, some bitches delete our answers because we ‘interfere’ on their pages).
I am not saying that you have to give all the original credits of where a picture came from, but just a time and place or occasion would be nice. This helps new (and old) fans to get to know Alex better and tells his history with more accuracy.
Alex in Hawaii - 5 May 2011

Alex in Hawaii – 5 May 2011

I know we also post lots of pictures without information because they are mostly edited pictures or used in posts, but we usually know where they come from and when they were originally posted. We also try to answer as best as possible if people do ask us. It is a learning curve for all of us. We would not know things if others from the past did not share the information, and the same apply to the fans for the future ……

Promos and spoilers for the week:

  • From Spoiler TV: Click on the link to find sneak peaks and promo video.

Reposting creations made by others:

  • In 2014 @mymaximus posted this stunning cropped picture of Alex from the GQ photoshoot. With time, effort and skill we  created something a little different from it and reposted it like this: (Click on the link)

Pic for the day – Thank you MM

Then this week I saw it posted on Twitter, with just a colour change and our name cropped out…..

Is it really your creation now, when you just changed the colour tone and erased our signature?

Have a look at these the pictures below. To erase the original watermark you see here on the picture on the right, and create the picture on the left, takes a lot of time, money, skill and love for the subject from the creator. Is it fair to just crop the name and repost?

We really do love it when people repost our creations, because it is a big compliment for our work. We like to share everything about Alex with as many fellow fans as possible. But next time when you just cut or crop the signature at the bottom and repost it as your own picture, think about what you are actually doing. If you do have to  crop it to fit on Instagram, just a kind reference to the site where you originally got it from would be a nice a thoughtful gesture.

We rarely mark the animated gifs that we make and post on our pages, but they also take lots of time, money and skill. Just a small reference to where you get them from when you repost them elsewhere, would also be a kind gesture to show us that you appreciate our time and effort.

Thank you:

And after the all the ranting, I want to thank those who so regularly share the links to our posts and pictures. We appreciate everybody who participate in sharing our love of this gorgeous man, Alex.

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • “in his family jewels”

Next Week:

  • Remember to watch Hawaii Five-0 Episode 6:23 this Friday, 6 May.

jogging al dl


Just to illustrate what I am talking about. This just happened. Somebody deleted our signature and posted this picture that never existed, as their own. I commented on it.  And if you go to that account you will see our comment was deleted and we are now blocked from the account. ……

Instagram - Screenshot

This picture with just Alex was never taken

– We made the photoshop in March from this picture:

Season 5 Promoshoot

(Link to original post and you can read the comments there)


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32 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (24 – 30 April 2016)

  1. Hi Foyeur, I so hear you with no news coming out for now. It’s going to be a long break……..but still so appreciate your posts and emails appearing each day, helps to keep the faith 😊
    Have seen other sites but most seem to repost your stuff and they don’t do it as well either. If there are sites that have more genuine info than you then Please let us newbies in on the secret! Feel like I’ve seen just about every pic there is over the few months I’ve been lurking around here, am getting better at picking the old from the new. Interesting to see Alex change from such a deeevine young man to his gorgeous mature hotness in the blink of an eye, so to speak. Wish I’d been along for the ride sooner. My heart does cartwheels…..


    • Thank you Kelbelle.
      There a still a few domant old sites around with some of the old information. We get most of the new stuff that we post from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, who all share information as it get posted all over the internet.
      I also wish I was on the ride sooner.
      He for sure make this heart beat faster as well! 😀


  2. cokie316

    Very nicely worded post about people who care little for other fans and the work they do to share all these goodies with the rest of us. Some people have no shame. Just know that I, for one, truly appreciate all that you do with these gorgeous pictures. Now, if someone could just get a snapshot of him this summer!


    • Thanks Cokie. ❤
      I see Enson is on his way to Hawaii during May. Hopefully Alex will visit him and he will post some pictures and vids as he has done before. 🙂


  3. vanduyn

    So well said!! (claps) I’m so tired of these IG accounts doing this. And then you find out these are 15 year old little girls that have no idea what being a real fan is all about. I’m a fan of Alex because of who he is and what he’s done and continues to do. I was initially attracted to him because of his physical appearance (Mick) just being honest here. But the longer I have followed him and his career I have come to love the man he is and has become. Anyone that knows me knows I honor Alex in all ways. I agree with you, giving a date and location (to go with a pic) helps new fans. To just not answer or delete and block someone that is merely trying to give info just shows the level of maturity. Please continue what you’re doing, you’re an invaluable commodity 😀


    • Well said, my friend. ^5
      Unfortunately people will take your stuff from online and do all sorts of things to it, including claiming it as their own creation, it’s just how it is. If you want to keep this from happening the only way (and it’s not foolproof) is to use an all-over watermark, but of course this makes the images less desirable. But when you see images that have all-over watermarks, understand that they probably are professionals, trying to make a living with their form of art. Copyright issues are a constant with photographers, writers, artists, musicians, etc.


      • My problem is actually with the fans who support the fans who steal other peoples’ creations. I have seen some who follow us, but who will also comment and ‘like’ those stolen pictures.


    • It’s really discouraging when (after hours and hours of adding your own artistic touches to picture), someone either comes along and removes your name, or uses it in one of their own creations and claims it as their own.
      And I was directed to this post (Thanks Jill!), probably because it has happened to me countless times.
      Now, I have had people say, “well you don’t own the picture” or “it’s not yours to use in the first place”. In all reality, no I don’t own the picture, but there is a BIG difference between taking a photograph and trying to claim it as your own and/or profiting somehow, by using it, (Funny story. A friend told me that someone actually took one of the pictures I pimped, and had it put on a magnet and was trying to sell it on Amazon. [Thanks Tam!] I contacted Amazon, and they had it removed. And I even got an apology from the seller!) and putting your own creative touches on it to share with other like-minded people/groups in the fandom.
      Then someone will say, “well why do you put your name on it if you don’t own it”?
      The reason I put my name on it is so that others will know that I’m the one that gave it my own personal touch. And it really sucks when someone comes along with disregard, and removes it, or crops it out. (Another funny story. A friend told me about a FB page that was [pretty much] dedicated to me [LOL], because it had all of my Mick creations on it. Except that my name was smudged out in every single pic! Seriously?!!)
      So I have to agree with Janno. Although it’s not fool proof, for me, adding an allover “watermark” is the way to go. I hate to cover up such a perfect face, but I have yet to see anyone remove one of them from my pics. And I do try to make them light enough so that his full beauty shines through. 🙂
      I guess it all comes down to respect. A lot of people are just too ignorant to get that, or maybe they just don’t care. Fans put a lot of time and effort into their creations (and I’m not talking about the ones who just crop a pic and slap their name on it). And that also doesn’t mean that there was anything wrong with the original picture. It’s just that adding our own personal touches, makes us feel good. It makes us feel closer to our subject. For some, it’s an accomplishment. For others, it can even be therapeutic. But unfortunately, people will continue to keep doing what they’re doing. As Janno said “it’s just how it is”. And there’s not a whole lot we can do about except by giving credit where it’s due.


      • Your conversation with Jill on the group actually inspired me to write this post. At least fans who know what it is about can support one another by NOT giving others praise for work we know somebody else has done.
        That was my main aim with this, to get people thinking about supporting those who actually build their accounts on the work of other people without giving those people there dues.
        I think you will agree we all really love people sharing our love for Alex


  4. Deb

    I believe I know who you’re talking about, here, and she’s a mature woman, not 15. This person sometimes puts up pics with no information, but that’s her choice. There are really no rules. Yes, maybe it’s a courtesy to tell fans where the picture comes from, but from my experience, not a lot of fans care. All they want are the pictures. You will NEVER get any fandom to adhere to a rule that a handful of fans feel it’s the way it SHOULD be. You’re “friendly request” is admirable, but then don’t vilify a person for doing things her own way, in a blog like this. All fans admire Alex in there own way. It’s our allegiance to him that’s important. Honor Alex by not posting personal photos, bad mouthing him or his wife and being a positive fan as to his career and life’s choices. A picture is just an image of the man, not the man. It doesn’t matter where it came from. That’s my opinion on images, only.


    • When a fan actually ask about a picture, then they care. And if someone as a “fanpage” owner do not answer them, that is rude in my opinion. I am definitely not referring to one person only, and I do not have any idea who you are talking about. This is a comment in general. Just a suggestion to page owners to live up to their name as a “fan page”.
      Please don’t tell me that I am vilifying anybody.


    • vanduyn

      The one person I am talking about actually talked about being a sophomore in high school so I do know her age unless she’s real f**king stupid and got held back! I never bad mouth Alex or his wife and will not allow it in my private group or public page.. So YOU need to know who you are talking to and about!!! Don’t ever come at me about Alex. You don’t know me like that!! Trust!


  5. Helma

    Hi Foyeur, your information and photos makes me very happy and also able to follow Alex too, since we don’t get much stuff in Holland. Keep up your good work, I truly appreciate it !!! Thank you for everthing from a big dutch fan !!!😊😊😊


  6. Kath40

    I consider myself to be a long time Alex fan (2007 to give you an idea) As such a fan there has always been an unspoken rule to keep as much of Alex’s private life private. Now that Alex is getting more and more famous these privacy lines have begun to blur. I feel If he hasn’t posted, obviously private pics, himself then neither should we…so I don’t. I may save them, but they are put in a file marked private and are not to be shared on forums or FB or IG etc. JMO.

    As for FanArt I have the utmost admiration and respect for the creators of such art work and do my best to post credit or source whenever possible. I believe if you don’t post credit (or crop it out) sooner or later these artists will stop sharing their creations and in the end everyone becomes deprived of their talented Photoshop wizardry. 😉

    BTW *click* *save* I’ve just saved the beautiful latest Alex creation posted By Paula\FOYeur. It will most likely appear on AOLP as a inspired “puzzle” so many of our fans enjoy putting together. 😀 ♥


  7. StickyWebb

    I love what you do here, but I’ll be honest — I truly just don’t get the furor over the pictures. I’d completely understand if you had taken the picture, but I would think the actual photographer probably gets just as irritated about seeing people manipulate his work in whatever way, and then claiming it was their creation.

    In the end, we’re all just enjoying Alex, aren’t we? Not trying to pick a fight — I just worry you’re adding unnecessary stress to your life by being territorial in very murky waters. Enjoy that people are enjoying the pictures, and that you’re thus spreading word of him to new fans and helping him out. Let the rest go. 🙂


    • Just answer me one question. How would you feel if somebody else get loads of praise and likes and comments for something you have spend hours on doing and actually paid for to be able to create? And Most of the pictures we use are actually screencaps from the shows and movies, no photographer there that can be heartbroken about “creations” being manipulated. We spend hours finding that right shot to use – all our own work …..


      • StickyWebb

        Let me put it another way. Your choices, literally, are to continue to be upset about something over which you have absolutely no control, or you can let it go, and enjoy the upsides. I’d prefer that you were at peace, and happy.

        If it were me personally — and it was me many years back — I’d just be happy that people were enjoying the actor I cared about. I never got wrapped up in thinking anything was “mine” in that sphere, so that’s why I genuinely don’t get it.

        But seriously, the people doing it don’t care, and you can’t make them care. So the only person getting upset is you, and I’m just trying to talk you into a more peaceful state of mind.


        • Please don’t try anymore. You are definitely not succeeding!


          • StickyWebb

            For what it’s worth, people from the show I was following were in active contact with me. When I made stills from their photography and filmwork – which the cinematographer and show do have rights to — they could haven’t gotten upset and made me pull any of that stuff at any time. They didn’t because they knew I was essentially advertising the show for them.

            That’s really all anyone’s doing with these images. They aren’t ours, and we can’t control their use.

            I’ll leave it at that, but again, it’s not worth stressing over what you can’t control.


            • I am actually not upset or stressed about any of it. I raised a point and issue that I have seen other fans talk about the past week.
              Most of the hard work and money spend, is done by my blog partner. (and also other fans from other fan pages and sites)
              I did not write this to change the world or think I can fix anything. I just wrote it to make some people aware of something that most are ignorant about.
              People can handle what I have said in which ever way they want to. 🙂
              Some choose to support fellow fans in their efforts, and others choose to patronize…..


              • StickyWebb

                I had no intent to patronize you, fwiw, and I’m sorry you’re taking it that way. The photo thing is a fairly regular topic here, though, and it just makes me sad to see you upset about something that ultimately can’t be controlled.

                To Paula’s point below, I do get it, because it happened to me, but I truly just figured it was ultimately for the show’s good and didn’t worry about it. I’m in no way saying that the people doing it are justified — I actually think they may be in a fairly pathetic place to have to pass off other’s work as their own. On the other hand, though, they may just not “get it” and think anyone can share the pictures, since none of us own them. When you say, “Is it really your creation now, when you just changed the colour tone and erased our signature?,” they can turn around and ask why it’s your creation, just because you changed the colour tone on someone else’s original work… That’s why I said it was murky waters.


                • Deb

                  I like your thinking and, so far, I agree with what you’ve said. I just want to add, that with different cultures comes a different understanding. You can’t squeeze blood out of a stone.


  8. StickyWebb

    Ack — “could have* gotten upset,” above.


  9. Just to chime in a bit. I do realize that when you post anything online, your “ownership” is gone quickly. And like Foyeur said, I am flattered when anyone feels my creations are good enough for re-using. But it seems to me that those who don´t “produce” their own edits will never understand how it feels to see others so shamelessly take credit for your work. I sometimes comment on the “stolen” pics that the original was by us and give link. If that person feels like that our comment deserves to be deleted and have us blocked, that´s when we might get more annoyed (hence the bitch remark in the post). Many of the fans that have shared our pics without credit to us (and siggies gone) have found these pics online with no knowledge of the original and we do understand it happens.
    Anyway, enjoy Alex, edited or raw 😀

    Ps I have mentioned it somewhere before, but just to remind, I don´t mind having my edits re-done or used as part of other creations. It´s part of the “game”.


  10. Sadie

    Just going through your old ‘Week in review’ posts and wanted to thank you for your request about sharing pics, especially old pics. I’m still pretty new to this fandom and am constantly having to google search pics I see posted on IG to find out when and where they’re from. You’re right that some don’t even know themselves, and I see a lot of people asking and not getting a reply.

    This is my go to site because you’re the only fansite I’ve come across that actually posts a link to the source rather than just the naming them. I’ve found a couple of great fans on twitter who provide sources, but this is the only fansite that does so thank you!

    Thank you so much for all your hard work 🙂


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