#H50 6.22 – #SteveMcGarrett perfected his dance in kevlar

This episode was quite entertaining 🙂 Toast did grow up, and even smartened up, a bit anyway. Filthy rich apparently, with his penguin poop game 😀 And even Kamekona´s new adventure was fun to watch, with their oopsie shipwreck 😀  (btw I loved that they apparently found themselves only 100 yards from “civilization” LOL

Steve went missing a bit momentarily but popped up often enough to keep a fangirl´s dream alive..



Steve not too sure about Toast and his kitty video trick 😉


The Pink Beast came out to say hello 🙂


Everyone in Hawaii knows the commander.


The distance has grown…


R u ok?

No! We are not ok with our Alex drought. No pics of him in forever!


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9 responses to “#H50 6.22 – #SteveMcGarrett perfected his dance in kevlar

  1. He is off the grid 😉 Hopefully only until next charity event in Oahu, surely there must be one coming up soon this summer


  2. Regina Filange

    Happy belated birthday to me. Love the gifs ladies. The first one alone is WOW! 😜❤️💋🔫


  3. Deborah DeLuca

    If you can receive this email… 4.18 was Alex’s 2nd anniversary and I saw nary a mention anywhere. I’m thinking he may be away?

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone


  4. MIA !!!!!One gorgeous actor by the name of Alex O Loughlin, Wake up CBS. “out of sight . out of mind / Never to us his DEVOTED fans but many have left the flock. Come on Alex’s PR machine. Do your thing and get your finger out!!! VENT VENT VENT.
    Pommienana loves her boy and would like to actually SEE him====Somewhere. ANYWHERE.


  5. karen

    He was in France on his anniversary. At least that is what it seems. Love the pink beast too.


    • Kath40

      Yep 😉 I saw some pics on Malia’s Instagram. Her latest pic was at a train station in Japan looking chic all in black and wearing shades. No pics of Alex as she rarely posts anything more then a scenic location, selfies or pics of her latest fashion designs.
      Alex may have taken the pic if he is with her. ♥


  6. Kath40

    “…perfected his dance in Kevlar” OH YESSSS indeed! *thud*
    The Commander can show me his badge anytime. I surrender! 😀
    Alex will always surrender to the pink beast. Lucky for us it seems he has no choice. 😛 peek-a-boo Hee.


  7. Really COTW was great. That lady was a bad*ss. The victim that wanted to turn the tables on her captor. Love Toast!


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