#H50 6.22. sneak peeks – #SteveMcGarrett bits

Here´s a small appetizer for tonight´s episode. Toast is back! Hope he still is as neurotic as before, with his sweatglandular issues 😉



you can watch the promo clips on spoilertv here


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11 responses to “#H50 6.22. sneak peeks – #SteveMcGarrett bits

  1. I like Steve’s new Aloha shirt 🙂


  2. lgrady30

    OMG those eyelashes!


  3. Is it me, or is there something more swinging than just his arm in the ship gif. 😳 And love the gray chin scruff. 😍

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    • Regina Filange

      Now that you pointed that out I believe you’re right.😜 Love the shirt and the gray scruff as well. Drop dead sexy!

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    • lipstx4evr

      After many close studies, zoomed in to increase my visual acuity, I must agree with the more is swinging theory. I am glad the Commander appears to be working while going commando. Good for him and good for us. Too bad there was too much McTalking and McWalking, and not enough McAction, in my opinion, in tonight’s episode. I did really like the new Aloha shirt, shorts, and flip flops. It’s always a tasty treat to see the legs.


  4. Love his shirt indeed!


  5. Selling shrimp by the ocean must really pay off. Kame’s got an awful lot of cash for toys/new businesses.

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  6. Karen

    Love the appetizer there. Love the shirt that Steve wears.


  7. Thanks for pointing out the extra swinging! Had to go back and look at several more times. I also love the shirt and shorts.


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