They say …….. #AlexOLoughlin is sweet and charming.

He’s awesome. He’s good looking and tall and sweet and charming. And he is very ‘leading man’ material. He’s perfect. He was perfect for this role. And we’ve been having a great time doing it together.  And I know we both are going to be sad when the movie is over, cause we’ve had the best time together.

– Jennifer Lopez

Access Hollywood

On the set of The Back-up Plan




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7 responses to “They say …….. #AlexOLoughlin is sweet and charming.

  1. OK, Stan is wearing my favourite Mick’s shirt 🙂
    And he looks great too!


  2. cwtshjan

    Oh and he is soooo “leading man” material. He could lead me anywhere!!


  3. Oh WOW! What a terrific gif!!!<3


  4. lindae5o

    But we knew all that already !! lol Lovely gif, though. Thanks.


  5. Magnólia



  6. Kath40

    They “say” Alex is sweet and charming because he “is” sweet and charming. ♥ We know this to be true ’cause those of us who have met him and anyone who’s worked with or interviewed him have been saying he’s sweet and charming for as long as we have known Alex. ♥ 😀
    We’ve also been saying how sexy he is…proof being his Gif 😛 TY Paula.


  7. This is so true my friend and that is why we love him so much.
    And i agree with your thanks to Paulsa for the gorgeous gif.


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