Gif for the day – Alex O’Loughlin is Steve McGarrett!

Looking forward to some Steve McGarrett  action tonight!



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12 responses to “Gif for the day – Alex O’Loughlin is Steve McGarrett!

  1. Yep, he’ll be back in Commander mode 🙂


  2. vanduyn

    Damn that body!!


  3. Regina Filange

    I just watched this episode a few nights ago. He’s got the body of a Greek God! I wouldn’t mind being the one he loses his breath with. That’s for damn sure. So happy that it’s Friday and that we have a new and hopefully not lame episode to look forward to tonight. No mater what I’m sure to have good dreams.😜❤️😍😋💋🔥


  4. Karen

    Can’t wait to see that man in action!


  5. Kath40

    One of my favorite epis, but not my favorite short hair cut. Call me shallow, but I love me some curls on top or the little ones around his neck and ears. *sigh* Then they tried to fake us out with that awful wig. O.o
    Wig-gate was not pretty on this pretty man…no curls on that Ugg-wig. 😦

    Looking forward to some McG action tonight. BRING IT ON McSEAL! 😛


    • gracenotpark

      Hee! I LOVED that haircut! He’s got a perfect head…to go with all the rest of the perfect. ❤


      • Kath40

        Yes he dose have a “perfect” head Marcus proved that 😉 It’s just that loved the season one hair best. I understand the military cut that’s all good for the episode. I just want the curls back. Be it long Mick curls medium Will curls or short Steve curls…the curls curl my toes every time. ♥ Hee! ♥


      • buttercup4u

        I love the haircut too! But I also love his hair now and in the beginning!
        I love Mick’s hair too!
        This man is complicated!


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  7. Love that picture of him!


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